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Best Practices: Twitter

Twitter is a very fast-paced social media platform, with Tweets consisting of 140 characters or less. Users have the ability to share photos, links, and videos inside Tweets, as well as Favorite and/or Retweet items. Twitter is an ideal platform for event promotion, quick announcements, and hashtag campaigns. In Creative Web Services, we've seen success using Twitter as a customer service tool for prospective students through our #ChatWKU Twitter Chat Series and for current students through social listening. Third-party apps like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Sprout Social can be very helpful managing multiple Twitter accounts or hashtag campaigns. 

Once you're ready to start Tweeting, be sure to consider your...

Every tweet should have a clearly identifiable goal or purpose.  Ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish by tweeting this information.

Who is your audience and what are the chances they will see or engage with your message? Different audiences use different social media tools in unique ways. Consider the age and gender of your demographic when choosing which media will best suit your post/campaign. Twitter is a great place to interact with students.

Is your post regarding a date-specific event? Time of year, time of day, and frequency are important things to consider. If you are promoting an event, you don't want to put it out there too soon, too late, or post too often. A typical WKU student follows anywhere from 300 to 1,000 different Twitter accounts, so your message is likely to get lost in their feed. 

Posts that include photos or visuals are FOUR TIMES more likely to be clicked on and viewed! Include relevant, quality images with your posts to enhance audience engagement with your posts.

Keep things light & positive online. This includes language you use and the way you put yourself out there. Will your visitors understand your insider jargon or be offended by posts you intended to be humorous? Remember, at WKU we have many audiences.  Students, alumni, parents, donors, news media, fans, even community leaders.  Is your message appropriate for all of those audiences? Offer customer service and address customer needs, but know when to take a more serious conversation (or a conversation that may violate FERPA) offline. 

Twitter Image Sizing Guidelines

  • Profile Photo: 400 x 400 (Displays at 200 x 200.)
  • Header Photo: 1500 x 500
  • In-Stream Photo: 440 x 200 Minimum (2:1 ratio)

Adding a Twitter Timeline to Your Website

Your Twitter Timeline is the feed of all your account's tweets and re-tweets. It is useful to embed this feed into a website to increase social media visibility and show users that your department is active and engaging. The Twitter Help Center has easy to follow instructions on adding a Twitter Timeline to your website. Additionally, Web Services is available to assist. 

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 Last Modified 2/19/18