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Textbooks for Troops

Textbooks for Troops

This program is for military and veteran students enrolled in WKU courses who do not receive a book stipend or a book scholarship.  Qualified applicants check out their textbooks for an entire semester, and then return them for another student to use next semester.  It's the ultimate recycling program!


Click here for the request form and program rules.  Fill out the form and return it to Tate Page Hall 408 as soon as possible after you have signed up for classes.   Requests must be in to our office one week prior to class start date. 

How you can help!

Drop off your gently used current textbooks at Tate Page Hall 408.

Monetary donations are also accepted.  Please annotate in the 'additional information' area that your donation is for Military Student Services - Textbooks for Troops.

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Student Feedback:

"I am very pleased with the program. I truly think it is a great asset Provided by the military student services. Thank you so much it has helped me tremendously."  Cadet Roebuck

"This program has been very helpful this semester. I would certainly use the program in the future if it is able to continue.  I would estimate that this program has saved me $300 - $400 this semester!" R. Buchanan

"I love the textbooks for troops because it saved me money and took the burden of searching for them off me while I was preparing to start school." W. Scarbeau

"It's helped me in my leadership class and I would've otherwise had to buy the book. The book was slightly used, but in great condition. It even came with the important stuff already highlighted. It was great, and you have a great program." J. Mercer

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