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Refund Policy

 Refund Policy

  WKU Vending Services has over 100 vending machines throughout
  our campus.  We process over a million transactions a year and as
  a result, machines do malfunction.   If you should happen to need a
  refund, below are the steps you need to take to recoup your loss.

  Refunds for malfunctions in can be obtained at the following locations.
  1.) Cashier Office in Potter Hall
  2.) Post Office in Downing Student Union
  3.) Dean's Office in College High Hall
  4.) Dean's Office in TPH. 

  Refund requests for vending can be filled out via our online refund
  request form.  Once the form is filled out, print it and take it to the
  nearest  refund center.

  All issues involving the Big Red Card must be handled at the ID Center
  located on the 2nd floor in the Downing Student Union.

  The following information is needed when submitting an online refund

            Phone Number
            Amount Lost
            Cash or Big Red
            Machine Number and Location
            Type of problem
              *Took Money but no product
              *Big Red Card deducted but no product
              *Product stuck in machine
              *Damaged Product
              *Inferior Product

  If you have any problems or notice a machine out of order please
  contact us immediately at (270) 745-8757 or via email at

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 Last Modified 12/10/18