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ProctorU Services

DELO Testing Centers partnered with ProctorU in the Summer of 2014 in an effort to provide an additional proctoring option for students testing online at a distance. This partnership was made due to the increasing number of WKU students in rural locations, active duty military, and international/study abroad students. 

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that allows test-takers to complete their assessments at home while still ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution. The service uses trained proctors who monitor examinees in an easy, three-step process. 

  1. Proctors observe the test taker via a web cam. The student is connected to a real person who personally guides them through the process. 
  2. Proctors watch the test taker's screen in real time. They can see everything the student is doing both at their location and on screen. 
  3. Proctors authenticate the student's identity. Using a multi-factored process, that is the strongest in the industry, they ensure that the person being monitored is the proper student. 

Each testing session's webcam footage is recorded in its entirety. The ProctorU agent will begin recording the tester's computer screen if an incident is suspected. If testing infractions occur during the session, ProctorU will send an incident report to the testing contact.  

Price Structure:  

Exam Length Flex Scheduling Take It Soon Take It Now
30 minutes or less  $8.75 $13.75   $17.50
31 - 60 minutes  $17.50  $22.50  $26.50
61 - 120 minutes  $25.00  $30.00 $33.75 
121 - 180 minutes  $33.75  $38.75  $42.50
180 minutes or more  $42.50  $47.50  $51.25

Optional Fees:

Flex Scheduling allows an examinee to make an appointment at least 72 hours before the desired start time. However, at an additional cost, an examinee may choose Take It Soon or Take It Now options (+$5 and +$8.75 respectively). Take It Soon allows a test to be scheduled within 72 hours of the chosen start time; Take It Now allows a test to be taken on demand with no appointment needed. These options are for the convenience of the examinee and are not required.

If you would like for your students to use ProctorU, please email tabatha.phillips@wku.edu.

Download a ProctorU Instructional Packet here.

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