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Faculty Testimonials

Check out faculty testimonials below to discover their success with the DELO Testing Centers.  

Marya Davis Turley

“2016 marks the 11th year of teamwork between the testing center and myself.  When I began teaching online classes in 2005, I needed a place for my online students to go for proctored face-to-face exams. The DELO Testing Centers has consistently provided excellent service to me and my students, whether the students were local or across the world. Over the past 11 years, the testing center staff has shown constancy in dedication and professionalism, and they work hard to provide students a quality testing experience from start to finish.” 

- Marya Davis Turley, Full-time Instructor, English 

Dr. Dawn Hall 

“The DELO Testing Centers are such a valuable resource for WKU. Tabatha Phillips and her team accommodate so many student needs effectively and in such a professional manner. There seems to be no task or issue too difficult for them to troubleshoot.  I have worked for over ten years with DL and have found the testing centers, all locations, to be an excellent resource. WKU is very lucky to have such a talented group of people who are dedicated to student success and committed to getting the job done.”

- Dr. Dawn Hall, 
Director, School of University Studies

Dr. Elizabeth Winkler

“I have been using the DELO Testing Centers at WKU each semester for several years. They have done an excellent job not only with dealing with the students who have access to testing centers run by WKU, but they have also been invaluable in assisting students who live far from our campus locations find appropriate testing alternatives. They provide detailed and timely information directly to the students saving me a great deal of time and worry. Providing a trustworthy environment for online testing is critical to the educational integrity of online classes.“

- Dr. Elizabeth Winkler, Associate Professor, English   

Dr. Mark Revels

“With students all over the country (and world), the Computer Information Technology (CIT) Program requires all CIT students to take proctored final examinations in all CIT classes. This represents multiple hundreds of proctored examinations each semester that are either administered or coordinated by the DELO Testing Centers. Without their service, the Program simply would not be able to ensure high quality student assessment. “

- Dr. Mark Revels, Associate Professor, Architect & Manufacturing Sciences

Dr. Cassandra Pinnick

“I relied on the DELO Testing Centers over a period of almost ten years, as the Center opened and then progressed into its present integral role in instructional support. Throughout the time that I incorporated the support of the Center in my teaching, I received unfailingly excellent guidance with regard to instructional delivery and testing procedures. My distance learning classes were a better fit, both for my students and for me, each time that Tabatha and her team assisted me.“

- Dr. Cassandra Pinnick, EmeritaPhilosophy

Dr. Leyla Zhuhadar

After four years of using DELO Testing Centers facility, I would say: 'Tabatha Phillips and her talented staff do a phenomenal job in transforming the most difficult part of my work as a professor that is TESTING!' The process of registering an EXAM is so smooth all it takes is to fill in an online form. In adding, the staff members play an essential role in overseeing and connecting WKU’s online students, who are spread locally and globally, with the nearest testing center in their region. I would recommend the DELO Testing Centers service to anyone at WKU.”

- Dr. Leyla Zhuhadar, Assistant Professor, Information Systems

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