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Field Placement

Field Placement


The Department of Social Work continues to experience growth in terms of students, faculty, and programs. The BSW program is a thriving “middle-sized” program in terms of the number of social work majors and minors. The BSW program has been continuously accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) since 1978. The MSW program enrolls nearly 115 graduate students and received initial accreditation from the CSWE in June, 2006. Our MSW program offers a unique concentration: advanced direct practice in rural settings. Significant departmental projects include the WKU Training Resource Center (TRC), the Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP), the Credit for Learning Project (CFL), and the MSW Cohort Studies Initiative.

  KASWE Spring Conference

Vivian Hurt and Professor Sherry Tyger 

KASWE Spring Conference

 The Hill House

The Department of Social Work is proud to support the efforts of the WKU Hill House. The WKU Hill House provides graduate students with experiential learning opportunities to conduct applied/community-based research in their disciplines. To learn more visit this link!  http://www.wku.edu/alive/hillhouse.html


The office of Field Instruction is located in the Academic Complex Room 114
Feel Free to contact us at emily.gouvas@wku.edu

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Vivian Hurt


Vivian Hurt, Field Director



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