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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Surplus FAQ's

I want to see what kinds of furniture and equipment are available for my department to have from surplus.
Be sure to check out what items the surplus department has every Friday from 9 AM - 3 PM. Desk, chairs, filing cabinets, and coat trees are always coming and going in surplus. You can view the items on the WKU Surplus Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wkusurplus/.
How do I buy something from Surplus for personal use?

Yes! But only after we have determined that the item can not be reused on campus. Surplus items are auctioned quarterly on Govdeals.com, and each auction lasts 2 weeks. Please visit Govdeals.com for more information and to register as a Govdeals bidder. Quarterly auctions are held on the following dates: 

January 15th - 29th
April 15th - 29th
July 15th - 29th
October 15th - 29th
When can I come to look at what surplus has OR drop off surplus items?
Surplus is open from 9 AM - 3 PM on Fridays for the Spring 2018 semester. Please bring your items to the TOP floor of Service and Supply and be sure you meet with surplus staff there. Please DO NOT drop off items without seeing surplus staff first. This is very important.
My department needs a used computer, where do I go to get that?
Although the surplus department has many used computers, they are mainly outdated for campus use or broken. Please contact the IT department to see if there are any in their surplus inventory you can use. 
I already put in a request for a surplus pick up but I it hasn’t been picked up yet, what am I supposed to do now?
We are working very hard to get to as many surplus requests as we can. As you wait for us to get to your office, please make sure your items are not in the middle of a hallway or somewhere that could be considered a fire hazard. If you have the means, arranging a time to drop off your own items to surplus may move the items out of your department faster. If you placed your request through the Work Order system, you may email or call with your work order number to get an update.

Recycling FAQ's

Where do I shred paper?
WKU has a contract with Cintas document destruction. WKU Recycling does not shred paper. Cintas will provide a bin and pick-up and recycle shredded material. Cintas – 615-333-8233.
I’ve got a lot of cardboard on my floor that needs to be broken down and recycled, who does that?
YOU are responsible for breaking down your cardboard on a regular basis and your BSA’s bring your recycling to the bins outside. If you have an unusual amount of cardboard or recycling that needs to be taken away, please email elizabeth.gafford@wku.edu and we will send a student crew member.
I don’t break down or empty my cardboard when I recycle, is that a big deal?
YES. When cardboard boxes are piled high and filled with Styrofoam and other packing materials, a 10-minute stop becomes a 45-minute stop. It is so important to put only broken down empty boxes for the crew to pick up so we can service as many buildings as possible each day
I need to clean out an office but we’ve got enough paper to fill my office recycling bin, where should I put the extra paper?
WKU Recycling is happy to bring you a large bin to your office for you to use for your project. Simply email elizabeth.gafford@wku.edu when you need a bin and another email when it is full.

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