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URL Shorten/Expand Gadget

URL Shorten/Expand is a sidebar gadget which provides the aesthetic functionality to convert long URL paths into shortened URL paths. This gadget can convert complete URL paths and is available to all users. The elements of the URL Shorten/Expand gadget include:

  • Shorten a URL: A user populates this text field with a valid URL path; i.e., the full web address as it appears in the web browser. Press Enter to view the converted short URL.
  • Resolve a short URL: After the URL has been converted, the results are displayed in this text field. It is important to remember that although a user can enter data in this field without first performing a conversion, the operation does not run in reverse (i.e., a user cannot create a longer URL from a shorter URL) and no action will be taken.

While editing using the WYSIWYG Editor, a user can both drag a long URL to the gadget and the shortened URL back onto the WYSIWYG Editor to insert the link on the page. Clicking the now shortened URL directs the user to the page or directory defined by the original URL path. A shortened URL may also be entered manually using the Insert/Edit Link icon.


Example URL Shorten/Expand Results

URL Shorten Gadget


Inserting a Short URL on a Page

  1. Edit a page using the WYSIWYG Editor.
  2. Expand the URL Short/Expand gadget.
  3. A link existing on the page can be dragged to the Shorten a URL field or a link can be copied into the field.
  4. Click Enter.
  5. Drag the shortened URL back to WYSIWYG Editor.
  6. The shortened version of the link is now added to the page.


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