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Asset Versions Overview

Users have the option to create multiple versions of the same file within the OU Campus system. This helps users retrieve information from previous versions that has been edited or removed in the most current version. The Versions screen displays a list view of all previous versions of the currently selected asset and provides users with the ability compare versions and revert to previous versions. The Versions screen includes the following features and functionality:

  • Number of Versions
  • Filter: Allows users to filter the list results. The filter is specific to version number, user, user, and description.
  • Displays the list view, which includes the following columns: Version, Date, User, Description, and Options
  • Sort: The list can be sorted by all columns except the Options column
  • Compare Current to Live: Allows users to compare previous versions of the asset to the most recent version that is currently published.

Asset Versions

When a user hovers over a row item, several action menus are shown:

  • View: Allows users to view information about an asset and how it is rendered.
  • Compare: Allows users to compare the selected version of the asset with the current version currently on the staging server.
  • Revert: Allows users to revert the current version of the file to a previous version in the version archives.


Viewing Asset Versions

When a user hovers over the View menu on the Version screen, there are two options displayed. When either option is selected by the user, the resulting preview opens in a new tab on the user's web browser. The available actions shown include:

  • Page: Gives users a preview of how the asset look inserted into a page or editable region.
  • Source: Gives users a preview of the source content of the asset.

Assets being previewed using this method are older versions of the file and do not reflect the most recent changes to the file that are on the current version in the staging server. To view previous versions of an asset:

  1. Navigate to the Assets list view by selecting Content > Assets from the global navigation bar.
  2. Check out the asset.
  3. Hover over a row item and from the Review menu, select Versions. Additionally, from the File Navigation sidebar, edit mode of an asset can be displayed and the Versions button is available.
  4. Hover over an asset to display the View menu and select either Page or Source to view each option's corresponding content.


Reverting Asset Versions

In some instances, a user is required to retrieve a previous version of an asset to restore content that has either been added, deleted, or edited. Reverting an asset automatically replaces the current version on the staging server with the previous version selected from the versions archive. To revert an asset to a previous version:

  1. Navigate to the Assets list view by selecting Content > Assets from the global navigation bar.
  2. Hover over a row item and select Versions from the Review menu. Additionally, selecting the asset from the File Navigation sidebar and clicking Versions in the Asset Actions toolbar takes users to the Versions screen.
  3. Hover over an asset and click Revert. A dialog will display prompting the user if they wish to proceed with the action. The version can be previewed before confirming the action by clicking on the hyperlinked version name.
    Reverting Asset Versions
  4. Click Revert.

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