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Form Submissions Overview

LDP Form submissions have the option to send the results to one or more emails. All form submissions can be exported to a spreadsheet.


Emailing Form Submissions

An email can be sent to have the form submission results emailed to one or more recipients. Add an email message by clicking the Add button. Adding additional email messages can also allow for defining a different message to be sent to specific email addresses. A variable can be used to pass the email address of the form submitter. All the fields for an email message are required.

  • To: Defines a recipient or recipients for the email to be sent to. More than one email recipient can be added by separating each with a semicolon (;). Note that a semi-colon must be used; a comma or space will break the form.
  • From: Specify the email address that should appear as the sender.
  • Subject: The subject line should be included in order to help the recipient classify the email.
  • Body: If this is left blank, an email will not be generated. To include the results of the form submission, the value of the Name field for an element can be specified. The syntax for this is to encapsulate the value in two sets of braces. For example if the Name of an element is defined as EmailAddress, then include {{EmailAddress}} in the Body, To, From or Subject of the email. After entering the opening braces, a pick-list becomes available with the value of the variables.
  • Include all submitted values: When checked, all responses to the form will be appended to the body message of the email.

Email Form Submissions


Exporting Form Submissions

When users complete a form created with the Form Asset and leave the Save Results box checked, the results or their form submission are sent to the form submission database. To export the form submission list view results to an external spreadsheet:

  1. Navigate to form submission list view by selecting Content > Assets from the global navigation bar. Hover over the target Managed Form Asset and choose Form Submissions from the Review menu.

    Selecting Form Submissions from the Review Menu

  2. In the form submission list view, click the CSV button. The list view will automatically be converted into a spreadsheet and downloaded to the user's default downloads folder as defined in their web browser's settings.


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