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M.S. in Environmental and Occupational Health Science (EOHS)

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The 100% online Master of Science in Environmental and Occupational Health Science (EOHS) focuses on the protection of human health from environmental hazards in the air, water, soil and food, and prevention of health hazards in work places and the natural environment. Program requirements prepare students to work in the diverse fields of occupational safety and health, and environmental compliance and management. A typical career path is to pursue the environmental health and safety field with industry.

The online program is designed for working professionals in the EOHS field and students desiring EOHS opportunities with industry, consulting firms, government agencies, and other environmental and occupational health science professions. Graduates of the program typically pursue jobs as environmental health and safety managers, environmental specialists, safety and health specialists, and environmental scientists. Numerous job opportunities exist and the field is rapidly growing throughout the United States and abroad.

In addition to Graduate School admission requirements, admission to the Master of Science in EOHS requires the equivalent of an undergraduate major in environmental health science including supporting courses in science and mathematics. Exceptions may be made for students with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines; however, additional courses may be required.

Admission may be granted to applicants that fulfill one of the following conditions: 1) GAP score of 550 and minimums of 139 for the GRE Verbal Score and 139 for the GRE Quantitative Score; 2) a cumulative GPA from a U.S. accredited university of at least a 3.2 on a 4.0 scale; or, 3) a cumulative GPA of greater than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in the Environmental Health and Safety graduate certificate program. 

The online M.S. in EOHS is a 36 hour program that requires 18 hours of core courses, 15 hours of electives, and a 3 culminating experience. Typically, students in the online M.S. in EOHS will choose the Capstone (PH 588) or Internship (EOHS 546) as the culminating experience. The culminating experience must be taken in the last semester.  Working professionals or students wanting to conduct research should choose the Capstone (PH 588) and students without experience should choose the EOHS Internship (PH 546).

Additionally, students may choose to complete an online graduate certificate in Environmental Health and Safety or Workplace Health Promotion as part of their graduate studies. This would require one additional elective course to complete the chosen graduate certificate. Students must have a meeting or conference call with an advisor to complete a program of study in their first semester and each following semester.

Below is a list of program requirements and the semester in which the courses may be available via web through WKU Online, which refers to semester-based online courses or self-paced through On Demand.

Course #

 Course Title


PH 584

Principles of Environmental Health

EOHS 550

Principles of Occupational Safety & Health


EOHS 560

Environmental Management & Risk Assessment

EOHS 577

Environmental Toxicology


PH 582 


PH 520



EOHS Elective

Choose from the following fall electives:

EOHS 571: Air Quality Management (odd years)

PH 501: Research Methods (odd years)

EOHS 580: Solid & Hazardous Waste Management (even years)

EOHS 502: Health Promotion in the Workplace (even years)

EOHS Elective


EOHS Elective

Choose from the following spring electives:

EOHS 570: Industrial Hygiene (odd years)

EOHS 510: Watershed Management & Science (odd years)

EOHS 503: Health Assessments in the Workplace (even years)

EOHS 572: Environmental & Occupational Epidemiology (even years)

EOHS 595: Public Health Management of Disasters (even years) 

EOHS Elective


EOHS Elective

EOHS 595: Public Health Management of Disasters (odd years)

PH 501: Research Methods (even years)

Culminating Experience

PH 588: Capstone OR

PH 546: EOHS Internship

Other Electives

PH 530

Independent Investigations
(Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer)

PH 548

Community Health Organization
(Fall, Spring, and Summer)

PH 575

Health Education/Promotion Program Planning
(Fall, Spring, and Summer)

PH 576

Education and Communication Techniques
(Fall, Spring, and Summer)

PH 581

Applied Methods in Public Health Practice

PH 587

Health Behavior
(Fall, Spring, and Summer)

PH 620

Advanced Biostatistics

PH 630

Advanced Epidemiology

** Electives from other departments may be chosen with advisor approval typically no more than six credit hours for the program of study.



Financial Aid includes grants and loans for educational purposes. The government requires the student to file a form online to the government agency for this purpose which is called FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov  to apply. Once that form is completed and filed, the student will receive an email from WKU about the status. All financial aid comes through the WKU Student Financial Aid office and they communicate mostly through email. The email will explain all the grants and/or loans that are available to the student and how to receive the money.

Nearly all students are eligible for some form of financial assistance. In fact, over 90% of the students who applied for financial aid in recent years received an award offer. Every effort is made to assist you and your family in obtaining the resources necessary to meet the difference between the total cost of attending Western Kentucky University and your ability to contribute toward your education.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance (loans, grants, scholarships, veteran's benefits) the first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Please refer to the Financial Aid Guide for additional information and complete instructions.

Please keep in mind, student must maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue to qualify for financial aid. For additional information on receiving, and keeping your financial aid, please refer to the WKU Financial Aid website to review the complete policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress at wku.edu/financialaid/sap.php.

Eligibility for On Demand Courses

On Demand courses may also be covered by financial aid if the student has met basic eligibility requirements and has a current FAFSA on file. Students must fill out an Independent Learning Agreement found on the WKU Financial Assistance website. Students receiving financial aid must complete their course(s) in the current semester. For more information please contact the Student Financial Assistance office at (270) 745-2755.

Veterans and Active Military

All college courses offered by WKU Independent Learning have been approved for veterans and other persons eligible under the provisions of the GI Bill. Each student must assume the responsibility for submitting the proper forms to assure payment of appropriate entitlements. Please contact the Veterans Coordinator in Student Financial Assistance.

Program Director Contact

Program Coordinator: Dr. Ritchie D. Taylor
Email: ritchie.taylor@wku.edu
Phone: (270) 745-8975
Department Website

WKU Online

Email: learn.online@wku.edu
Phone: (270) 745-5173
Toll-Free: (888) 4WKUWEB / (888) 495-8932
Website: wku.edu/online 

The Graduate School

Email: graduate.school@wku.edu
Phone: (270) 745-2446
Website: wku.edu/graduate  

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