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Intent: The WELL Community concept aims to support access to essential healthcare, workplace health promotion and accommodations for new parents while establishing an inclusive, integrated community through social equity, civic engagement and accessible design. 


WKU Points Achieved in the Community Feature


Intent: Promote a deeper understanding of factors that impact human health and well-being.

This WELL feature requires projects to provide a guide to occupants that highlights the relationship between health and buildings, a description of the WELL features pursued by the project, educational materials on a variety of health topics and annual communications about available health resources and programs.

  • Provide WELL Feature Guide
  • Promote Health and Wellness Education

Intent: Facilitate a collaborative development process and ensure adherence to collective wellness goals.

This WELL feature requires projects to facilitate a collaborative design and development process from commencement to completion of WELL Certification.

  • Facilitate Stakeholder Charrette
  • Integrate Beauty and Design
  • Promote Health-Oriented Mission
  • Facilitate Stakeholder Orientation

Intent: Establish minimum standards for the evaluation of experience and self-reported health and well-being of building occupants.

This WELL feature requires projects to collect feedback from building users on their health and well-being and on topics related to WELL.

  • Select Project Survey
  • Administer Survey and Report Results

Intent: Support the overall health and well-being of individuals and their families by adopting comprehensive health policies.

This WELL feature requires projects to provide access to essential health services, screenings and assessments and offer on-demand health services.

  • Promote Health Benefits
  • Offer On-Demand Health Services

Intent: Cultivate a culture that prioritizes the health and well-being of all individuals.

This WELL feature requires projects to cultivate a culture of health through various health promotion strategies, including communications, stakeholder involvement and health risk assessments.

  • Promote Culture of Health
  • Offer Health Risk Assessments

Intent: Protect the overall health and well-being of the building community through seasonal influenza prevention and other immunization efforts.

This WELL feature requires the provision of annual influenza (flu) immunizations, flu prevention campaigns and support in accessing other necessary vaccines

  • Promote Seasonal Flu Prevention
  • Implement Immunization Schedule

Intent: Support working parents and caregivers and ensure they are able to properly care for members of their family.

This WELL feature requires projects to offer programs that support individuals with childcare, eldercare and other family caretaking needs. 

  • Offer Childcare Support
  • Offer Family Leave

Intent: Provide buildings that are accessible, comfortable and usable by people of all backgrounds and abilities.

This WELL feature requires projects to comply with basic accessible design requirements in their region and integrate principles of universal design into the design and operation of the space.

Intent: Provide bathrooms that support the needs of all individuals.

This WELL feature requires bathrooms to include basic sanitary materials and to support accommodations for users with diverse needs.  

  • Provide Single-User Bathrooms

Intent: Prepare individuals in case of emergency.

This WELL feature requires projects to have an emergency management plan in place and to have accompanying supportive resources for responding to an emergency.

  • Develop Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Promote Emergency Resources







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