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WKU Scholarships

 Several small scholarships and a few larger ones are available for nursing students through the College Heights Foundation. Students who wish to be considered for these WKU nursing scholarships must apply using the new TOPDollar Website.   Use of the TOPDollar website allows students to fill out one application form apply for all WKU scholarships for which you are eligible. Information such as your major and your WKU GPA will be automatically added to the form. Deadlines apply for many of the scholarships, so in general you should apply as early as possible.  Students will be reminded via email to update their information each year, so if something changes which makes you eligible for more scholarships, you should be sure to update regularly.

Beginning March 12th  2018:

All requests for WKU based scholarships will need to be submitted via the form at the following link:  https://app.wku.edu/scholarship-recommendation/ .  You must be a WKU student to access the form. You will receive confirmation by email that the form was received by the Student Fianancial Assitance department. 


 ASN Students

 In order to be considered for one of these awards or scholarships (John E. and Betty A. Capito Scholarship,  Frank and Edna Todd Memorial Associate of Science in Nursing Scholarship), please submit the completed application to:  Kacy Harris.  The Spring 2018 deadline for submission will be February 1, 2019.

 Hospital Based Scholarships

There are also some scholarships for nursing students available from local hospitals. The hospital is responsible for selecting the students for these awards, and the process varies from hospital to hospital. Most of these require a work commitment from the student after graduation, so if you know you want to work for a specific hospital, please check with that facility to see if any scholarships are available.

ROTC Scholarship

100% tuition and fee scholarships available for those students interested in serving as an Officer in the United States Army Nursing Corps. Upon completion of your BSN and ROTC, full time (Active Duty) or part-time (1 weekend per month) options are available.  Contact Mr. Brandon Smith for more information, and to see if you qualify, at 270-745-6054 or army.rotc@wku.edu.

 Air Force DNP Scholarship

The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) offers a way for student to focus solely on school and complete school with no debt. The Air Force will pay full tuition to include most fees associated with your classes. Also, you will receive a monthly Stipend of $2,229.30 throughout your time in school. This amount will increase yearly.  The Air Force has scholarships available from students with a few semesters left to students who just started. Upon completion of your degree you are awarded a job in the Air Force as a Nurse Practitioner in your specialty for 3 years. After 3 years you have the ability to commit to stay longer or return to the civilian community. Please contact TSgt Jacob Valladares at jacob.valladares@us.af.mil  615-885-9781 or www.airforce.com/healthcare for additional information





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