Western Kentucky University

National Board Certification Programs

The following workshops and programs are offered at Western Kentucky University:

  • Jumpstart Seminars for National Board Candidates
  • WKU NBPTS Reading Sessions
  • WKU Assessment Center Prep Workshops And Entry Reading Workshops For All National Board Candidates *
  • Candidate Support Providers (CSP) Training *
  • Renewal Seminar For All National Board Certified Teachers *

*: Registration for this event is currently closed. Please check back later.
If you have questions about any of these programs, please feel free to contact Lynn Hines at Lynn.Hines@wku.edu.



This section will be updated soon.

WKU will continue providing support services for candidates. Please visit this page for registration.

Scheduled support meetings:

  • Fourth Monday of the month. Bowling Green Junior High School, Campbell Lane, Bowling Green. Begins at 4 pm. No registration required. Free.
    • 11/25/2013
    • 1/27/2014
  • Reading Sessions: All Day Meetings (Registration will be required. Register Online)
    • 1/20/2014
    • 2/1/2014
    • 3/8/2014
    • 4/5/2014


The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards organization sent communications to all active National Board candidates and Take One! participants, announcing that the organization is going paperless. Below are highlights from their communication:


  • All candidates applying in the 2013-2014 administration cycle and beyond will access the Portfolio Instructions and Standards from the website at http://www.nbpts.org/certificate-areas. These documents will no longer be mailed to candidates (the "blue box" has been eliminated).
  • First-time candidates who are required to verify eligibility prerequisites will download and print verification forms from the website at http://www.nbpts.org/certification-eligibility-application. Completed Eligibility Verification Forms can be scanned and returned through Ask NBPTS in My Profile, faxed or mailed as per instructions.


  • Email will be the primary means of communication throughout candidacy. Ensure you receive important updates and information by keeping your preferred email address updated in My Profile and adding NBPTS.org and Pearson.com to your safe senders list so emails do not end up in your spam filter.

Portfolio Submission

  • All portfolio entries will be submitted for scoring using the ePortfolio system which was successfully implemented during the 2012-13 administration cycle. Information about using this system can be found at http://www.nbpts.org/eportfolio

Candidates may contact their customer support team at 1-800-22TEACH with any questions.

  • There has been a temporary suspension of enrollments in the Teachers' National Incentive Trust Fund which includes mentoring (Candidate Support Program) for candidates. WKU strongly supports the NBPTS program and has supported candidates since 1995. Therefore, WKU will extend the program for candidate support and will provide mentoring services for candidates in a cohort model. Candidates who are interested in joining a cohort needs to contact Lynn Hines at lynn.hines@wku.edu for more information.

Renewal Workshops are designed to help NBCTs getting ready to go through the process and for new NBCTs to develop a professional growth plan for the first ten years of certification.
The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) offers the Profile of Professional Growth for renewal of National Board Certification with the renewal period being ten years from the respective date of certification of each National Board Certified Teacher.
You must be in your eighth or ninth year of certification to begin the renewal process. However, it is advantageous to start planning and understanding the process as early as possible into your first 10 year certification period.

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