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All courses are 3 credit hours unless indicated.

AMS 510 Emerging Technologies

Discovery of powerfully disruptive technologies, evaluating them accurately, and implementing change for profitability.

AMS 520 Resource Management

A comprehensive study of efficient allocation of materials and money. Includes review of basic decision-making techniques, cost-benefit ratio analysis, depreciation, salvage value of equipment, and time value of money.

AMS 530 Automated Data Collection Systems

Information systems for industry; collecting and analyzing real time data to make production decisions regarding profitability and quality.

AMS 535 Workforce Development

Strategies for developing educational opportunities for personnel and appropriate appraisal techniques for performance improvement. Includes topics crucial to workforce development, including foundations of workforce education, career development theory, needs assessment, objectives development, performance assessment, and workforce education programs.

AMS 540 Theory of Constraints

Concepts of theory of constraints (TOC) pertaining to drum-buffer-rope, operations analysis, cost management, decision making and related areas. TOC management strategies and thinking processes applied to business problems.

AMS 571 Research Methods in Technology Management

A comprehensive study of research methods and experimental design applicable to industrial and technical operations. This course includes a review of basic statistics, quality control techniques, and quality assurance. The course supports the development of knowledge needed for the thesis or graduate project. Students must attain a minimum grade of B in the course. It should be completed within the first 15 hours of the graduate program.

AMS 580 Six Sigma Quality**

Management and application of six sigma methodologies including the DMAIC process and data-driven decision making. Advanced quality concepts and statistical process control. **Prerequisite: AMS 271 Industrial Statistics.

AMS 588 Product Development

Elements of marketing, design, and prototyping for innovation. Study of the multidisciplinary interrelationships involved in the development of commercial products.

AMS 590 Operations Leadership

Provides technical professionals with leadership and management skills needed to be effective throughout their career.

AMS 594 Lean Systems

Analysis of lean concepts and process improvement in business value streams, production, and distribution. Pull systems, flow control, inventory reduction, waste elimination, and value creation.

AMS 600 Maintain Matriculation (1-6 hours)
Continued enrollment for thesis completion. A placeholder course used to maintain good standing in the program and university while completing unfinished research or taking a leave of absence. It may be repeated as needed.

AMS 630 Legal & Ethical Issues in Technology

A study of ethics and social responsibility, international and contemporary legal issues in business, industry, and e-commerce.

AMS 650 Supply Chain Management

An integrated and comprehensive treatment of operations and supply chain issues. students study how firms link with supply chain partners to gain a market advantage and competitiveness.

AMS 655 Project Management

Concepts of project management as applicable to a wide range of business and technical situations. Focus on behavioral organizational aspects, quantitative methods, and automated tools.

AMS 671 Quality Management

An examination of philosophies, concepts, tools and techniques used in continuous quality improvement programs.

University Research Tool. See AMS 571 Research Methods

AMS 599 Thesis (6 hours)

Thesis research and writing directed by faculty committee. A substantial graduate level effort that presents original and independent research and makes a contribution to the current body of knowledge in a scholarly field. The thesis is submitted in support of the degree and professional qualification. The credit hours may be spread over multiple semesters. A Form G must be submitted prior to enrollment. In addition, students enrolled in thesis hours must complete the ATMAE Certified Technology Manager (CTM) exam.

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