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Department of Library Public Services Faculty & Staff - Dewayne Stovall

Dewayne Stovall

Dewayne Stovall

Government Information & Law Specialist

Office:  3 Helm Library
Phone:  (270) 745-6918
Email:  dewayne.stovall@wku.edu


Dewayne Stovall began his career at the Department of Library Public Services in November of 1989.  He is responsible for the processing, shelving, maintenance, and cataloging of all federal government documents we as a depository library (0213) receive from The United States Government Printing Office (FDLP) system.   He, in conjunction with his other associates, makes sure that this information  is available for public use free of charge.  Dewayne is a history major, and an avid reader of historical information; especially ancient Greece and Rome.  Dewayne is also a mystery researcher and writer.  He also developed and maintains the popular “Science for Kids” website to help teach kids to learn and have fun using a computer while doing so.  Dewayne also wrote an article on the subject that was published in the Kentucky Libraries Magazine.

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