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WKU Archives - WKU Royalty

WKU Royalty 

Photographs and list of students who have been selected as Miss Western, Miss Black Western, homecoming queen or king or other type of royalty, compiled from various sources.  The Miss Western pageant was suspended between 1985 and 1989 due to lack of sponsors.  See  bibliography for additional information.

1934  Mary Walton, mountain laurel
1936  Jonell Stewart, Talisman
1939  Mitzi Bosworth, Talisman
1940  Ida Claypool, Talisman
1941  Alemeda Haynes, Talisman
1942  Claire Bryant, Talisman
1943  Gwendolyn Billings, Talisman
1945  Rose Johnson, Talisman
1946  Mayme Johnson of London, Talisman
1947  Maurine Morgan, Talisman
1948  Teddy Lou Johnson of London military
1948  Betty Topmiller of Bowling Green, Talisman
1949  Teddy Lou Johnson of London homecoming
1949  Lou Nell Russell, military
1949  Edna Parks, Owensboro, Talisman
1950  Jean Amos of Cave City homecoming & military
1950  Betty Webb Cox, Talisman
1951  Nancy Atkinson of White Plains homecoming
1951  Julia Smith, Talisman
1951  June Mitchell, military
1951  Dottye Nuckols, Miss Kentucky
1952  Tyler Diemer of Jeffersontown homecoming
1952  Sara Downing, Talisman
1952  Laura Stuart, military
1952  Pat Barker, basketball
1953  Jane Winchester of Taylorsville homecoming
1953  Mary Pedigo, Talisman
1953  Sue Lynch, mountain laurel
1953  Clara Lilly, military
1954  Netta Oldham of Owensboro homecoming
1954 Joan Grabruck, military
1954  Liz DeWitt, Talisman
1955  Pattye Thompson of Bowling Green homecoming
1955  Juanita Chinn basketball
1955  Deborah Walters, Talisman 
1955  Jane Lovell, military
1956  Shirley Barnes of Beaver Dam homecoming
1956  Jane Winchester, Talisman
1956  Gayle Bryant, basketball
1956  Michael Ann Ehret, military
1957  Phyllis Robinson of Hazard homecoming & basketball
1957  Dixie Duncan, Talisman
1957  Glenda Winn, military
1957  JoAnn Faulkner, mountain laurel
1958  Marilyn Norris of Seymour, IN homecoming
1958  Sandra Patterson, Talisman
1958  Barbara Humphries of Bowling Green, military
1958  Pat Stiff, Blue Grass Bowl
1958  Alice Chumbley of Jamestown, basketball
1959  Alice Chumbley of Jamestown homecoming & mountain laurel
1959  Phyllis Robinson of Hazard, Talisman
1959  Carolyn Turner of Cerulean, military
1960  Unidentified valentine king and queen
1960  Dianne Robinson of Hazard homecoming
1960  Diane Rigsby of Russellville military
1960  Rachel Roll of Hopkinsville, Talisman
1960 Jude Talbot of Bardstown, Talisman King
1960  Alice Chumbley of Jamestown, Miss Kentucky
1961  Martha Jo Johnson of Scottsville homecoming 
1961  Roberta Johnson of Scottsville, military
1961  Alice Chumbley, Talisman
1961  Tom Covington, Talisman King
1962  Wanda Steenbergen of Glasgow homecoming
1962  Dianne Howard of Caneyville, military
1962  Dianne Robinson of Hazard, Talisman
1963  Pat Norman of Glasgow homecoming & military
1963  Marilyn Cates of Louisville, Talisman
1964  Christine DeVries of Bowling Green homecoming
1964  Sylvia Terry of Paducah, Talisman
1964  Judy Sprague, military
1964  Toni Martin, Mrs. Western Student Wife
1965  Linda Thomas of Burkesville homecoming
1965 Kandy Kohlmeyer, military
1965 Carolyn Harrison, Mrs. Western Student Wife
1965  Dottie Adkins, Talisman
1965  Jerry Froedge, Talisman King
1966  Sharon Roby of Owensboro homecoming
1966  Susan Friedli, Valentine
1966  Mike Lewellyn, Valentine King
1966  Pat Hunt of Bowling Green, military
1966  Kay Washer, Talisman
1966  Jack Britt, Talisman King
1967  Pat Hunt of Bowling Green homecoming 
1967  Cheryl Carnahan, military
1967  Susan Cowherd of Elkton, Talisman
1967  Winky Menser of Dawson Springs, Talisman King
1967  Diane Burns of Owensboro, Valentine
1967  Tommy Russell of Glasgow, Valentine King
1967  Carmen Willoughby, Athenian Queen
1967  Steve House, Athenian King
1967  Sharon Bryant, Mrs. Western Student Wife
1967  Charlotte Lyle, Miss Western
1968  Charlsie Malone of Clarksville, TN homecoming
1968  Tina Showalter of Louisville, Miss Western
1968  Claudia Fowler, Athenian Queen
1968  Fred Fenimore, Athenian King
1968  Joyce Smith, Mrs. Student Western Wife
1968  Judy Mullins, Valentine
1968  Paul Gerard, Valeintine King
1968  Gwynne Tuell, military
1969  Dru Gibson Bowling Green homecoming
1969  Susan Chaffin, Miss Western
1969  Peggy Swinney, military
1969  Doris Brennan, Athenian Queen
1969  Dennis Koon, Athenian King
1969  Judy Mayfield, Valentine
1969  John Lee, Valentine King
1970  Suzanne Riggins of Jonesboro, AR homecoming
1970  Kathy Knight, Miss Western
1970  Donna Showalter, Valentine
1970  Bill Lamb, Valentine King
1970  Tina Showalter of Louisville, militay
1970  Sally Webb Athenian Queen
1970  Steve Garrett Athenian King
1970 Terry Miller Greek Goddess
1971  Brynda Taylor of Louisville homecoming
1971  Mary Sowers, Miss Western
1971  Martha Jo Johnson of Bowling Green, Valentine
1971  Mark Pride of Morganfield, Valentine King
1971  Claudia Houston of Galloway, Athenian Queen
1971  Marshall Galloway of Sedalia. Athenian King
1971  Carolyn Brown of Louisville, Miss Black Western
1971  Marilyn Finck of Louisville, military
1972  Alice Gatewood of Bowling Green homecoming
1972  Beverly Williams of Glasgow, Miss Black Western
1972  Lois Eigelbach of Louisville Miss Western
1973  Cherie Hoxworth of Beaver Dam homecoming
1973  Antoinette Wearren of Richmond, Miss Black Western
1973  Kitty Hall of Louisville, Miss Western
1974  Patricia Smith of Glasgow homecoming
1974  Sandy Haworth, military
1974  Cheryl Harvey, Miss Black Western
1974  Adele Gleaves, Miss Western
1975  Brenday Smiley of Vanzant homecoming
1975  Kelly McDonald, Miss Western
1975  Sydney Stringer of Miami, FL, Miss Black Western
1976  Marissa Greene of Winchester  homecoming
1976  Jeannelle Johnson of Midland, TX, Miss Black Western
1977  Joyce Ann Haskins of Campbellsville homecoming
1977 Marsha Troutman, Miss Black Western
1978  Connie Gibson of Hodgenville  homecoming
1978  Diane Butts, Miss Black Western
1978  Mona Wortham, mountain laurel
1979  Betty Thompson of Bowling Green homecoming 
1979  Anita Orr, Miss Black Western
1979  Laura Hubbard of Leitchfield Miss Western
1980  Jane Lockin of Benton, IL homecoming
1980  Beth Bailey of Bowling Green, Miss Western
1980  Nina Bradley of Ft. Campbell, Miss Black Western
1981  Sandy Douglas of Henderson homecoming
1981  Betty Baker of Cadiz, Miss Black Western
1981  Tammy McCubbins of Horse Cave, Miss Western
1981  Kim Birdsong of Cadiz, Miss Kentucky World-America
1982  Mary Beth DiCastro of Lexington homecoming
1982  Marcia Glass of Louisville, Miss Black Western
1982  Elizabeth Dehap of Nashville, TN, Miss Western
1983  Julie Lippert of Paducah homecoming
1983  Connie Banks of Nashville, TN, Miss Black Western
1983  Deborah McBride of Leitchfield, Miss Western
1983  Debbie McBride of Louisville Miss Western
1984  Julie Sams of Bowling Green homecoming
1984  Angela Speck of Elizabethtown, Miss Western
1984  Melodye Hughes, mountain laurel
1985  Tara Wassom of Fort Campbell homecoming
1985  Jennifer Drury of Gilbertsville, Miss Western
1985  Sherita Bailey, Miss Black Western
1986  Whitney Auslander of Louisville homecoming
1986  Natasha Wastkins, Miss Black Western
1987  Elizabeth Williams of Jamestown homecoming
1987  Shannon Green of Henderson, Miss Black Western
1988  Shelly Thomas of Henderson homecoming
1988  Michelle Bachelor, Miss Black Western
1989  Ruth Hosse of Brentwood, TN homecoming
1989  Glenda Harbin of Louisville, Miss Black Western
1990  Jill Antle of Louisville homecoming
1990  Nancy Cox, Miss Kentucky
1990  Betsy Drewry of Murfreesboro, TN Miss Western
1991  Nancy Rascoe of Bowling Green homecoming
1991  Kelly McDonald of Nashville, TN Miss Western
1991  DaChonne Rucker of Nashville, TN Miss Black Western
1992  Jennifer Mize of Cerulean homecoming
1992  Deondra Wardelle of Louisville, Miss Black Western
1992  Jennifer Peyton of Dawson Springs Miss Western
1993  Melissa Baggarly of Beaver Dam homecoming
1993  Lee Ann Chaney of Franklin Miss Western
1994  Andrea Wilson of Somerset homecoming
1995  Sybil Mathis of Paducah homecoming
1996  Laura Hall of Louisville homecoming
1997  Leigh Ann Sears of Mayfield homecoming
1998  Stephanie Cosby of Greenville homecoming
1999  Melissa Pickrell of Paris homecoming
2000  Jacqueline Ayers of Louisville homecoming
2001  Katie Staples of Brandenburg homecoming
2001 Tim Gilbert coming home king
2002  Laura Allen of Richmond homecoming
2002  Lisa Chestnut of Glasgow, mountain laurel
2002 Aaron Spencer, coming home
2003  Paola Cassana of Cajamarca, Peru homecoming
2011  Ann Blair Thornton of Bowling Green, Miss Kentucky
2012  Amy Winkler of Murray homecoming
2013 Taylor Emberton of Glasgow homecoming
2014 Ellie Jolly of Cadiz homecoming
2015 Karen Powell of Louisville, homecoming
2015 Shantel-Ann Pettway, Miss Black Western
2015 Lindsay Tate Ratliff, mountain laurel
2016 Taylor Bowling, coming home 
2016 Andi Dahmer, Kentucky Derby princess
2016 Mallory Vaughn of Bowling Green, homecoming
2016 ShaylinKaliea Martin, Miss Black Western
2017 Katherine Crider of Dawson Springs homecoming
2017 Alexus Reed, Miss Black Western
2017 Molly Matney, Miss Kentucky



Beauty Contests

College Heights Herald  - search TopScholar by year

1994 February 17 p. 11
1982 April 1 p. 6
1989 November 12


Vertical File 1927-1980 
Vertical File 1980-2007 

Military Ball

Candidates for Military Queen Chosen by Western Officers Club, College Heights Herald, November 27, 1942

Candidates for Queen, College Heights Herald,  December 11, 1959

Candidates for Queen, Park City Daily News, December 6, 1969

Miss Ehret is Crowned Queen of Military Ball, Park City Daily News, December 9, 1956

President Zacharias is Commissioned as First Colonel of the Regiment During 50th Annual Military Ball, College Heights Herald, Nov. 15, 1983.

Teresa Sparks is Chosen Queen at 48th Annual Military Ball, College Heights Herald, Nov. 12, 1981.

Western Military Ball Scheduled for Friday Night, Park City Daily News, November 8, 1966

Who Will be Queen? College Heights Herald, Dec. 7, 1956

Miss Black Western

Anita Orr Crowned in Pageant, College Heights Herald, Feb. 27, 1979

Betty Baker, Cadiz Junior, Wins Pageant, College Heights Herald, April 14, 1981

Black Senior Defends Pageant, College Heights Herald, Feb. 22, 1977

Cheryl Harvey Wins 1974 Miss Black Western Title, College Heights Herald, Feb. 19, 1974

Connie Banks, Nashville Junior Wins Title, College Heights Herald, April 14, 1983

Diane Butts Selected in Beauty Pageant, College Heights Herald, Feb. 21, 1978

Eighth Annual Pageant to Focus on Black Heritage, College Heights Herald, Feb. 16, 1978

Eleven Women Set to Compete, College Heights Herald, Feb. 15, 1974

Eleven Women to Compete for Title, College Heights Herald, April 15, 1982

Four to Compete in Pageant, College Heights Herald, Feb. 22, 1979

Franklin Freshman Sherita Bailey is Crowned, College Heights Herald, April 23, 1985

Freshman Winner Happy With Crown, College Heights Herald, April 12, 1994

Henderson Freshman Shannon Green Wins Title and $200 Scholarship, College Heights Herald, April 23, 1987

Jeannelle Johnson Crowned as 1976 Winner, College Heights Herald, Feb. 20, 1976

Louisville Freshman, Marcia Glass, Becomes Eleventh Miss Black Western, College Heights Herald, April 20, 1982

Louisville Junior Deondra Wardelle is New Miss Black Western, College Heights Herald, April 2, 1992

Marsha Troutman Wins, College Heights Herald, Feb. 22, 1977

Miss Black Western, College Heights Herald, April 13, 1993

Miss Black Western to be Named Sunday Night, College Heights Herald, Feb. 14, 1975

Nashville Freshman DaChonne Rucker Wins Title, College Heights Herald, April 9, 1991

Natahsa Watkins Named Miss Black Western, College Heights Herald, April 22, 1986

Nine to Compete in Pageant, College Heights Herald, Feb. 6, 1979

Nine Women to Compete in Pageant, College Heights Herald, April 12, 1983

Pageant Applications Due Today, College Heights Herald, Jan. 25, 1974

Pageant Entry Deadline Set, College Heights Herald, Jan. 28, 1975

Pageant Filled with Heritage and Pride, College Heights Herald, April 25, 1989

Pageant Shows 'Positive Aspects of Black Women,' College Heights Herald, April 12, 1994

Seven to Compete for Title, College Heights Herald, Feb. 18, 1977

Seven to Compete for Title Tonight, College Heights Herald, April 14, 1988

Seventeenth Miss Black Western, College Heights Herald, April 19, 1988

Sydney Stringer Named Miss Black Western, College Heights Herald, Feb. 18, 1975

Miss Talisman

Former Talisman Queens Invited to Attend Ball Next Friday, Park City Daily News, April 24, 1955

Talisman Ball Held on Friday Evening, Park City Daily News, May 26, 1946

Talisman Queen Crowned, Park City Daily News, April 25, 1948

Miss Western

American Civil Liberties Studying Pageant Discrimination, College Heights Herald,  Feb. 11, 1993

Bauer, David. Woman Ready to Pursue Pageant Battle, Park City Daily News, Feb. 11, 1993

Chard, Alex. New Miss Western photograph, Park City Daily News, Nov. 16, 1990

Contestants Serious But Relaxed, College Heights Herald, March 19, 1974

Crossley, Cynthia. No Pageantry for Parents, Louisville Courier-Journal Feb. 11, 1993

Diana Kay Powell, Hardinsburg Herald-News, June 6, 1984

Dawson Springs Senior Jennifer Peyton is Named Miss Western 1992,  College Heights Herald, Nov. 19, 1991

Debbie McBride Named First Runner-up Miss Ky., Leitchfield Record, July 21, 1983

Dennis, Andy. Disqualified Pageant Contestant Continues to Strive for Changes, Park City Daily News April 26, 1983

Eleven to Compete for 1979 Title, College Heights Herald,  March 29, 1979

Elizabeth Dehap, Nashville, TN, Sophomore is Crowned, College Heights Herald, April 1, 1982

Elizabethtown Junior Angela Speck is Crowned Miss Western, College Heights Herald, April 17, 1982

Franklin Junior LeAnn Chaney Won Title, College Heights Herald, March 11, 1993

Gilbertsville Sophomore Jennifer Drury Sings to Win Crown, College Heights Herald,  May 2, 1985

Graduate Student from Murfreesboro, Tenn., Betsy Drewry Wins Miss Western Pageant, College Heights Herald, Nov. 21,1989

Harris, Roger and Mike Grant. IFC Quits as Sponsor of Pageant, Park City Daily News, ca. 1975

Hatcher, Rob. Miss Western photograph, Park City Daily News, Nov. 20, 1989

Hawkins, Ronald. Pageant Escapes Lawsuit, Park City Daily News March 11, 1993

IFC Quits as Sponsor of Pageant, College Heights Herald, Feb. 4, 1975

Isn't Pursuing a Possible Discrimination Suit for Miss Western Pageant, College Heights Herald, March 25, 1993

Jennifer Ann Peyton Will Represent Western in Miss Kentucky Pageant, Alumni, Spring 1992

Lam, Kathy. Rebirth of Tradition, Talisman 1979 

Laura Hubbard Chosen in Renewal of Pageant, College Heights Herald, April 3, 1979

Leitchfield Junior, Deborah Colleen McBride Wins Crown, College Heights Herald,  March 17, 1983

Louisville Sophomore Miss WKU, Park City Daily News, March 2, 1970

McBride Chosen First Runner-Up in Kentucky Pageant, Grayson County News-Gazette, July 21, 1983, Deborah McBride

Miss Western, Park City Daily News, Apr. 12, 1984, Angela Speck

Miss Western for 1981, Hart County News, Apr. 9, 1981, Tammy McCubbins 

Miss Western: Pageant a Thing of the Past, College Heights Herald, Aug. 30, 1994

Nashville Sophomore Kelly McDonald is Crowned, College Heights Herald, Nov. 20, 1990

Pageant Returning to Campus, College Heights Herald, Sept. 28, 1989

Pageant Shouldn't Discriminate, College Heights Herald, Feb. 2, 1993

People You Know, Park City Daily News, March 20, 1983, Deborah McBride

Purcell, Denise. Miss Western Crowned, Park City Daily News, Oct. 15, 1991

Second Runner-Up, Grayson County News-Gazette, Apr. 22, 1987, Deborah McBride

Sherry Lee Koontz, Woodford Sun, Mar. 8, 1984

Tammy McCubbins of Horse Cave Selected, College Heights Herald, March 19, 1981

The Envelope Please . . ., College Heights Herald,  April 2, 1974

Thirteen Coeds Vie for Miss Western Title Sunday, College Heights Herald, March 26, 1974

Women With Child Kept Out of Pageant, College Heights Herald, Jan. 28, 1993

Mountain Laurel Festival Queen

Baggarly to Represent Western, Park City Daily News,  March 6, 1991, Melissa Baggarly

Bowling Green Student to Represent Western at Mountain Festival, Louisville Defender, March 12, 1987, Monica Williams

Bristow Senior Receives Mountain Laurel Honors, Glasgow Daily Times,  Feb. 27, 1981, Donna Bristow

Candidate for Laurel Queen Chosen, College Heights Herald, Feb. 28, 1975

Cherry Chosen for Festival, Park City Daily News, May 9, 1993, Eleln Cherry

Cherry to Represent WKU,  Park City Daily News, March 21, 1993, Ellen Cherry

Deborah Lynn Pardue to Represent Western in May in Pineville, College Heights Herald, Feb. 15, 1977

Dickey, Bob. Western Coed Leaves Today for Pineville to Bestow Mountain Laurel Crown on Successor, Park City Daily News, May 26, 1960.

Dunlop, R.G. Mountain Laurel Festival Makes Splash, Louisville Courier-Journal, May 27, 1984, Melodye Hughes

Festival Contestant, Greenville Leader News, Feb. 29, 1984, Melodye Hughes

Festival Nominations Open, College Heights Herald, Feb. 18, 1975.

Jane Goodin, Representative Discusses Pageant, College Heights Herald, May 3, 1979

Lisa Dawn Tindle, Hardinsburg Herald-News, February 29, 1984

Local Girl to Represent WKU at Pageant, Edmonson News Feb. 26, 1987, Kathy Meredith

Mona Wortham, Western Candidate, Wins at Pineville, College Heights Herald, June 27, 1978

Nominations for Candidate Underway, College Heights Herald, March 19, 1976

Mountain Laurel Festival, College Heights Herald, March 23, 1978

Spalding Among WKU Pageant Finalists, Bardstown Kentucky Standard,  Feb. 23, 1987, Amy Spalding

To Represent Western in 1957 Festival, College Heights Herald, Jan. 18, 1957, Phyllis Robinson

Western Grad Crowned Queen at Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival, Park City Daily News, June 3, 2002, Lisa Chestnut

Western's Queen Candidate Busy Preparing for Trip, Park City Daily News, April 30, 1964, Sandra Stuart

WKU Laurel Lovely, Park City Daily News, Feb. 26, 1967, Marcia Wooldridge

WKU Student Crowned Park City Daily News, May 28, 1984, Melodye Hughes

Williams in Mountain Laurel Festival, Park City Daily News, March 13, 1988, Elizabeth Williams

Talisman Ball

Brief Historical Sketch of Event, College Heights Herald, Oct. 25, 1979

Talisman Ball, College Heights Herald, May 21, 1954

Talisman King and Queen, College Heights Herald, May 21, 1954.

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