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undergraduate minors 

We strongly encourage students to complement their major by earning a minor. This strengthens their educational experience and makes them more marketable for jobs. Our department offers the following minors:

Athletic Coaching

The minor in Athletic Coaching (reference number 320) requires 21 to 24 semester hours. Students must complete the following courses: SPM 200, PE 310, 311, 312, and 493. In addition to these core courses, students shall select eight (8) to nine (9) hours from the following coaching courses: PE 333, 340, 341, 342, or 343. The minor is designed for those persons who want to enter a teaching and coaching career and who do not desire to major in physical education.

Community Recreation

The minor in Community Recreation (reference number 444) requires a minimum of 24 semester hours. Students must complete the following courses: REC 200, 302, 306, 328, 420, 493 and six hours of advisor approved electives.

Facility and Event Management

The facility and event management minor (reference number 367) provides students with practical knowledge and skills for the effective management of facilities and events. The minor requires a minimum of 21 semester hours. Students must complete the following courses: REC 306, REC 404, REC 426, SPM 450, REC 490, and six hours of advisor approved electives.

Nonprofit Administration

The minor in Nonprofit Administration (reference number 422) prepares students for careers in, and service to, the nonprofit sector. Students take courses from several departments and programs of study to gain needed nonprofit competencies and experiences. This minor consists of 22-25 hours including the following required courses: REC 220, MGT 333, (ACCT 200 or REC 402 or SPM 402), REC 460, and REC 496 (150-300 hours of internship experience for 3-6 credit hours). No more than 13 hours from any prefix may be used to fulfill the minor requirements. Some courses may have prerequisites.

Outdoor Leadership

The outdoor leadership minor (reference number 426) consists of 24 hours that is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to become outdoor professionals and to lead groups responsibly in the backcountry. The following courses are required for the minor: REC 330, 332, 335, 337, 435, 437. In addition, students must choose six hours of electives from: REC 235, 328, 422, 424, 430, 434, 439, or 482.

Physical Education

The minor in Physical Education (reference number 432) requires a minimum of 25 semester hours. This minor is not a certifiable teaching field in Kentucky. The courses required are: PE 122, 211, 212, 221, 222, 310, 311, 312, 313 and 324.


The minor in Tourism (reference number 445) is an interdisciplinary program between the Departments of Consumer and Family Sciences and Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport. The minor in tourism requires a minimum of 21 hours. Students must complete the following courses: CFS 271, MKT 220, REC 420, and REC 490 or CFS 313. Students must complete a minimum of 9 hours from a list of restricted electives in consumer and family science and recreation administration. Requirements (12 hours) CFS 271, MKT 220, REC 420, REC 490 or CFS 313 Restricted Electives (9 hours) REC 302, REC 322, REC/SPM 404, CFS 171, CFS 373, CFS 375

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