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Office of Judicial Affairs Campus Responsibility

Following the procedures of due process, if the WKU Student Code of Conduct is violated, the alleged parties will go through the University’s judicial process, which is intended to be a fair and educational experience.

Anytime a student is sanctioned by the University for inappropriate behavior, it is considered serious. Cases involving sanctions of warning, creative discipline, disciplinary agreement, restricted use of facilities, restitution, and disciplinary probation are usually not serious enough to warrant expulsion or suspension. Cases of this nature, which involve incidents occurring within the university residence halls, may be heard by the designee of the Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life and/or The Director of Judicial Affairs. With exception, all cases involving student arrests; drug violations resulting in arrest, sexual misconduct, physical assaults, unruly conduct, and academic dishonesty will be heard by the Office of Judicial Affairs or his/her designee. Those cases which involve serious incidents occurring off-campus; and more on-campus egregious violations of the Student Code of Conduct will be heard by the University Disciplinary Committee under the direction of The Office of Judicial Affairs.

 Last Modified 7/23/13