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Conditions for Appeal

The University understands the need to have a corrective process in place to address circumstances should the judicial officer err. One or all of the following conditions must be met in order for an appeal to be considered.


Appeals may only be filed in the event:

1. To determine whether the original conference was conducted fairly and in accordance with the Office of Judicial Affairs sanction determination and procedures.

2. To determine whether the decision reached regarding the accused student was based on substantial information to determine the preponderance of evidence and/or the level of responsibility.  This is not information you chose not to share or obtain prior to the conference.

3. To determine whether any sanctions imposed (suspension, expulsion or denial of housing/network access) were appropriate and not unduly harsh for the violation(s) set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.

4.  If you are the complaining student in a sexual harassment and/or sexual misconduct case.  For sexual misconduct and/or sexual harassment cases both the complainant and the charged student can file an appeal regardless of the outcome. Both students have the same grounds to appeal and the same time frame in which to submit an appeal.

*An appeal cannot be filed simply because you are unhappy with the decision.

*If one of the aforementioned conditions is proven, the appeal will be forwarded to the appropriate reviewer. The appeal will be reviewed and determined by the Director of Judicial Affairs, The Vice President for Student Affairs or The President.

*If none of the three conditions for appeal is met, the decision of the original conference will be upheld and the responsible student is expected to comply immediately.


 Last Modified 2/18/14