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International Year Of... Country Proposal

The proposal process is closed at this time. Stay tuned for updates on the next selection cycle.

International Year Of... country selections are based on the criteria listed below:

(Click each item for a description of/more information about the criterion)

Having a core group of faculty with experience and knowledge in the target region is essential.  However, it is just as important that they be interested in and willing to contribute to the implementation of that IYO.  There are several ways in which faculty can contribute to the IYO, including, but not limited to:

  • Serve on the relevant IYO Planning Committee;
  • Integrate target country content into their academic courses during the relevant IYO;
  • Plan and implement an event/program during the relevant IYO (e.g., lecture, exhibit, film, etc.);
  • Share target country contacts with IYO Planning Committee.

About the IYO Planning Committee: Each IYO program has a dedicated committee of faculty and staff with expertise in the target country.  This committee plays the central role in terms of designing the relevant IYO calendar of events.  Individuals proposing countries for a future IYO should be willing to serve on the IYO Planning Committee.

Strong proposals will demonstrate the potential to include all academic colleges and a variety of disciplines in the yearlong spotlight. This potential may be demonstrated through the academic diversity of the proposing faculty members and/or their professional connections, or the potential for key topics relating to the proposed country to reach across disciplines

The IYO serves as a platform for creating lasting change to WKU’s international profile. Sustainable outcomes may include new campus-community partnerships, international agreements for academic exchange, developments of new education abroad courses, etc. Both long-term and short-term outcomes should be included.

For example: Are there local populations from the target region or country here in the Bowling Green area?  Do any cities within our region have sister-city relationships with target country cities? The IYO can be an opportunity to better connect these populations with WKU, build new connections or strengthen existing ties.

 A history of regular education abroad programs in the target country is generally indicative of faculty expertise, local contacts, and a substantial student and alumni population with experience and interest in the target country.

 The existence of an international partnership typically means that WKU has contacts and resources in the country, whether through research collaborations or faculty or student exchange.  These connections are great things to spotlight during an IYO and can become useful resources in building a robust calendar of events and programs.

 For example:  A high proportion of students from one country or region or the emergence of a growing student population. International students can play a critical role in shaping the IYO by sharing a firsthand, student-centered perspective.

 Presence of timely world events tied to the proposal country that would correlate with the IYO and/or enhance the country's relevance to Kentucky, the region, or the U.S. 

 OIP relies on WKU faculty to propose countries for future IYOs.  Proposals should come from groups of faculty with investment/experience in the target country, address how the above-listed criteria are met (not all criteria MUST be met for a country to be considered!). Proposals should be submitted as a word document via email to: internationalization@wku.edu

Proposal Guidelines:

  • Faculty groups may complete one joint proposal per group;
  • Proposals must list the proposing faculty, their departments, and their expertise/experience relating to the proposed country;
  • Proposals must address which of the above criteria the proposed country meets;
  • Proposals must meet the following formatting specifications:
    • Total application not to exceed 4 pages
    • 12 pt. font; Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial; Single spaced;
  • Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee using a scoring rubric (click here to download) 

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 Last Modified 11/16/18