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 International Student Diplomats

 Meet the International Student Diplomats

The international student diplomats are a group of international students who have experienced university life in the U.S. and have been through the application process.  They are from 8 different countries and speak a variety of languages.  The diplomats are a valuable resource for current and prospective international students who would like to learn more about student life at WKU.  They would love to answer any questions and assist in any way they can.  


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Hai Nguyen (Jack) is from Vietnam. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese. He feels that being exposed to a variety of cultures has transformed his view of diversity and cultural differences. He is very involved in several student organizations, including the Chinese Club, where he was president during the 2016-17 academic year.  He also held the role of Vice President of Finance for Delta Sigma Pi, an international business fraternity. Jack is currently the Vice President of Beta Alpha Psi, the International Honor Organization for Financial Information Students and Professionals. He has also volunteered as an International Orientation Leader and appreciates how much this experience exposed him to diversity. 

Jack is very passionate about helping new international students integrate into and adapt to WKU’s campus, and the Bowling Green community. His favorite quote is, “Leaders create leaders, not followers”.






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Muhammad (Salal) is originally from Karachi, Pakistan. He came to WKU in Fall 2013 to pursue an undergraduate degree in the Mechanical Engineering Program. He later added German as secondary major. Muhammad is fluent in Urdu, and English. This is his second year serving as an International Student Diplomat at WKU. Salal is also currently serving in the U.S. Army. Muhammad's motto is "to live simple, and to convert complex matters to simple forms." As he described; "we must have the passion to strive, being ambassadors of our country, we must maintain its respect and strive to achieve the highest, then aim for the next star and so on. Indeed, there are times of disappointments, but these should be the rungs of the staircase to our goal; the goal of being the best of humans."








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Sukainah Alshahab is originally from Saudi Arabia. She is currently pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration and is studying on a academic scholarship from WKU. In addition to her role as an International Student Diplomat, Sukainah is an Honorable Lady with the Saudi Student Organization. In this role, she mentors fellow Saudi students. Sukainah is really enjoying her time on WKU's campus as she feels there are so many opportunities for students to become involved and connect with one another. One of her favorite aspects of WKU is that she feels there are endless resources for students both academically and personally. After graduation, she plans to search for a job in the medical field and continue to reside in the United States.








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Hovsep Yakubyan is originally from Armenia and is currently a senior on track to complete a Business Administration degree with a minor in Economics. Hovsep is a founding father of Beta Gamma Omega Fraternity, a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Economics Club of WKU, and the American International Student Organization. Hovsep enjoys traveling and learning about people and their cultures. This passion for learning led him to learn four languages, including Armenian, Russian, English, and Arabic. He has lived in various countries throughout his life such as Russia, Syria, Armenia, etc., but mostly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. When asked if he had any thoughts for WKU international students, Hovsep said, "The diverse background on our campus is one of the best experiences a student can get while doing their degree."







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Hakam Al-Rawas is an International Student Diplomat from Salalah, Oman. He speaks Arabic and English. Hakam is pursuing a Computer Science major and a minor in Computer Information Systems. He is currently studying under an international student scholarship awarded from Oman. Hakam is involved in several organizations on campus including the Council of International Student Organizations and the Omani Student Organization. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies. Hakam has really enjoyed his time on campus and his favorite part about WKU is the people and relationships he has developed. After graduation, Hakam plans to return to his home country and pursue a career in computer science as technology is his passion.








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Nima Moradzadeh Esmaeili comes from Tehran, Iran. He is a senior at WKU majoring in Biology and Chemistry with a Pre-Med concentration. He speaks English, Farsi, and German fluently; while having limited language skills in Arabic and Portuguese. He is the President of the Iranian Student Association and a member of the multicultural student fraternity, Beta Gamma Omega. Nima has studied and traveled to many countries and very much enjoys becoming acquainted with different cultures and diversity. Nima is passionate about science and astronomy and admires his parents the most. When asked if he had any advice for WKU international students, Nima said, "We're all different; yet very familiar! I am very keen on helping the International Community adapt to the region they live in. I am always more than happy to share my experience and knowledge with students and make their stay at WKU's campus."







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Zaiba Moledina is originally from Mumbai, India. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration. This is her second year at WKU and she is a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Public Health at WKU. Zaiba also holds the role of President of the Student Healthcare Association. Zaiba speaks English, Hindi, and Marathi fluently. In her free time, she enjoys skating, swimming, playing cricket, and watching movies. Zaiba is passionate about working in healthcare and appreciates how it has exposed her to people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. She feels her experience in this field has taught her to love and respect the different types of cultures, traditions, and values.









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Flavio Chavarri, from Arequipa, Peru is majoring in Business Management and Economics. He has a great passion for working with international students. Flavio is the President and Founder of Beta Gamma Omega multicultural fraternity, President and Co-Founder of Business without Borders, Chairman of the Council of International Student Organizations, an ESLi ambassador, Founder of ESLi Senate, a Senator at the Student Government Association, and a member of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars, the Dean's Advisory Council, Enactus, and ESLi Coffee Talk. Flavio has a great passion for business, mining, experiencing new cultures, and meeting friends from all around the world. He is bilingual in English and Spanish and has an intermediate level of Portuguese and French. Flavio's favorite quotes are: "The more we do, the more we can do," and "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others".









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