Western Kentucky University

Independent Learning

A Unit of DELO, The Division of Extended Learning and Outreach


The tuition and fees cost for Independent Learning courses are as follows:

Undergraduate Rate:
Spring 2014, $363.42 per undergraduate credit hour ($1,090.26 for a 3–hour course)
Graduate Rate:
Spring 2014, $490.00 per graduate credit hour ($1,470.00 for a 3–hour course)
MBA Foundations Course:
Spring 2014, $3,000 for the course

Independent Learning will accept checks, money orders, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Please make checks payable to "Western Kentucky University." Full-time on-campus tuition does not cover Independent Learning, however, you might be able to use your financial aid to cover your course. All of our courses are considered in-state for tuition purposes.

 Last Modified 3/13/14