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Independent Learning

A Unit of DELO, The Division of Extended Learning and Outreach

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be admitted to Western Kentucky University to take Independent Learning courses?
Enrollment in Independent Learning courses does not require formal admission to Western Kentucky University. The ACT is not a requirement for enrollment in courses by correspondence, and acceptance of a student in college Independent Learning courses does not constitute formal admission to the university.
How many Independent Learning courses am I allowed to take if I want to apply it toward financial aid?
A student attending campus is only allowed to take half of their semester load through our office. We recommend taking no more than two Independent Learning courses at one time.
Does financial aid cover Independent Learning courses?
Financial aid may cover your Independent Learning course, but we cannot guarantee that financial aid will reimburse you for the course. We still require payment at the time of registration for our courses. Student Financial Assistance has an agreement for you to sign that states that you will complete your course within the semester. Not completing your course within the semester may hurt your financial assistance in the future. For more information contact the Student Financial Assistance Office. Be advised that if you use financial assistance to cover an independent learning course, you must have that course completed in the same semester in which you enroll. The specific dates of completion will be listed in the approval email you receive from Student Financial Assistance. You may also contact our office for these dates.
Where do I get my textbooks?
Textbooks are available at The WKU Store in Downing University Center. You may order by phone with a credit card at 1-800-444-5155 or online at http://www.wkustore.com. Be sure to specify the course section number to ensure you get the correct book. Independent Learning print courses have section number 900, email courses have number 975, and web-based courses 970.
Will Independent Learning courses make me a full-time student?
An Independent Learning course credit will be counted as part of your total load for the semester in which you enrolled. You cannot register for more than 19 hours in a semester without special permission from the Registrar. Credits through IL will help to show that you are a full-time student for insurance purposes, but not for housing. Financial aid only counts the hours for Independent Learning if an agreement has been signed stating that the student will complete the course within the semester.
When do I need to have my course complete if I am graduating?
A course is complete when the final grade is reported to the Registrar’s Office. All course requirements, including the final exam, should be submitted for grading at least three weeks prior to graduation of any other deadline. If your course is NOT completed within this time frame, it may be reported past the deadline for graduation.
Can I repeat a failed course through Independent Learning?
You may repeat a course only after receiving special permission from the department head of the subject area for the class and from the Registrar. We must receive written permission from both before we will enroll you in this course.
Can I withdraw from an Independent Learning course?
Yes, you must submit the Course Withdrawal Form. You may withdraw from and IL course within the first four months of enrollment. A ‘W’ will show up on your transcript.
Can I get an extension for my course?
If you find yourself short of time at the end of the nine months limit, you may request an extension.  The extension fee is currently $75.00. An extension is for three months and dates from the original expiration date. You must make a request for an extension within thirty days before your expiration date.
How are email courses delivered?
Email courses consist of a packet of course materials that includes the syllabus and assignments. You send your assignments and are able to ask questions and receive feedback from your instructor via email. All email courses are available on continuous enrollment. You must have access to a computer, access to the Internet, and have an email account in order to take an email course.
How are web courses conducted?
Web courses are completed online. You must have high speed Internet access to participate in these courses. Dial-up Internet service is NOT recommended. All course content is delivered to the student online and all assignments are submitted via the Internet.
 Last Modified 7/22/13