Western Kentucky University

Channel 12

Advertise your WKU department/organization events on HRL Channel 12


What is Channel 12?

Channel 12 is the "digital signage" system hosted on WKU's cable channels. You have the potential to reach every residential student's room with your advertisements and announcements.


How do you get your information on Channel 12?

There are several requirements to get your advertisement on Channel 12

  • You must be a WKU Department or organization
  • Your advertisement must be formatted in a 4x3 landscape aspect ratio. This is easily accomplished by creating a 1024x768 pixel image in editing software like photoshop or setting a powerpoint to the standard 4x3 setting in the page layout options. Artwork that is "stretched" will not be accepted. Our staff may be able to format your slide for you if you are unable to.
  • Imagery that objectifies, degrades or is insensitive to any individuals based on race, gender, religion, creed or sexual orientation or violates WKU policies or procedures may be rejected.
  • Organization name must be included in advertisement/announcement artwork
  • Images should be named in the following format: OrgName_EventTitle_StartDate
  • Imagery should be submitted in jpg or png format


How to Submit Artwork

In order to submit your artwork, please send an email with the following information to channel-12@wku.edu

Subject: Ad for Channel 12 - Organization Name


  • Start Date: MM/DD/YYYY
  • End Date: MM/DD/YYYY
  • Your Name
  • Title, if any
  • Organization Name



Please direct questions to channel-12@wku.edu


 Last Modified 7/22/13