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Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

WKU Living Learning Communities enrich the on-campus living experience by stimulating academic success, social transitions, and overall student involvement within our residential communities.

Although each living learning community has unique opportunities, they all share the same vital purpose and goal: nurturing and developing a prosperous Hilltopper student to become engaged with other students and faculty throughout our campus.


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The Agriculture Living Learning Community gathers students in the WKU Ogden College of Science and Engineering majoring in the Agriculture disciplines and facilitates an open support system via faculty mentoring, strategic programming, service, and other opportunities. 

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Career Exploration Opportunities (C.E.O.) is a residential Living Learning community built on shared extracurricular experiences. Students will be asked to participate in activities and events designed to help them clarify academic and career goals. Students will live in close proximity and be provided advisory support from the Center for Career & Professional Development and Housing & Residence Life. Students will be engaged in weekly skill/professional development opportunities, required study hours and employer events

Requirements for Students:

  • 10 study hours per week - self reported
  • Professional Dress Day 2 times a month
  • Attend all mandatory events
  • Must enroll in (UC175) University Experience course
  • 2 professional outfits (something you would wear to a job interview)

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine an academic major
  • Competence in collegiate study skills
  • Understanding of the world of work for the academic disciplines
  • Soft skill development
  • Internship preparation credentials and interviewing

Students will also be supported by a Resident Assistant who will be available to answer questions and coordinate activities.

To enroll in the WKU Center for Career and Professional Development Living Learning Community, please contact:

Becky Tinker
Associate Director, Advising and Career Development Center

The Flagship Living-Learning Community (LLC), which debuted in Fall 2016, is a living-learning community geared towards first-year and transfer students.  The Flagship LLC is part of the Honors College housing options provided by the  Honors College  and the  Housing and Residence Life Department .  First-year and transfer students participating in the Flagship LLC are grouped together within Honors College housing, and provided opportunities to engage in Chinese language and culture within the residence hall. 

In addition to extending their experience with Chinese language and culture outside of the classroom, these students also develop a sense of community and a built in support system as they transition to WKU and navigate their year of Flagship coursework.   

*Scholars participating in this living option are not required to have a roommate who is also in the Flagship.  If you would like to request a room with a fellow Flagship student, please let our offices know when accepting your admission offer.  

Chinese Flagship Program


To enroll in the WKU Chinese Flagship Living Learning Community, please contact:

Melinda Edgerton
Assistant Director, Honors College and International Center

The College of Health and Human Services Living Learning Community is dedicated to students in or considering a program in the health and human services professions area. The CHHS LLC is designed to support the successful transition of first generation college students to Western Kentucky University. The mission of the CHHS LLC is to provide students a supportive and engaging environment, with opportunities to share and learn from students with similar interests and experiences; to participate in activities that broaden academic experiences; to build professional relationships with faculty and staff members; and to establish lasting friendships with fellow community members.


To enroll in the WKU College of Health & Human Services Living Learning Community, please contact:

Lynn Hazlett
Director, Student Academic Services
Dr. Danita Kelley
Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Services

The Band Living Learning Community will create and build upon relationships facilitated by participation in the Band. We aim to create a bridge between the fall and spring semesters for the students by initiating programmatic and in-hall social and educational activities.


To enroll in the WKU Band Living Learning Community, please contact: 

Chazman McKoy
Assistant Residence Hall Director

Men in Business / Women in Business 

The Women in Business and the Men in Business Living Learning Communities are specifically designed for first-year students. They offer mentoring from a professor and an advanced undergraduate Learning Assistant who shares the students' interests. Students will live on the same residence hall floor, attend  M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan  together, take a shared University Experience-Business Class section class (BA 175), and will be placed in one or more other classes with students in the Living Learning Community. 

Thanks to the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Gail Brody,  there is no additional cost  for students to enroll in the Gordon Ford College of Business Learning Communities.

Students who participate in the Business Learning Communities will receive: 

  • A special housing assignment
  • Business-centered programming within the Learning Community
  • Specially selected professors who provide instruction in the University Experience - Business course and who serve as role models and mentors
  • Other specially selected course sections during the freshman year
  • Dedicated Learning Advisors

The Women in Business Living Learning Community will be housed in  Pearce Ford Tower.

The Men in Business Living Learning Community will be housed in  Hugh Poland Hall.

Space is limited. 


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To enroll in either Learning Community, or for more information, please contact:

Minnette Ellis
Assistant Director, WKU Housing & Residence Life
JT Taylor
Coordinator, WKU Housing & Residence Life

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The Engineering Living Learning Community provides a residential environment that fosters peer networking and academic success. This community gathers students from the WKU Ogden College of Science and Engineering, majoring in the engineering disciplines and facilitates an open support system via faculty mentoring, strategic programming, as well as service and intership opportunities. 

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The FEAST LLC provides an opportunity for students to use the services of the WKU Dietitians to improve their dining experience on campus, receive resources that will help with their diagnosis or food need, develop relationships with others and learn how to communicate with others by living in a residence hall, and will promote food education.

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To enroll in the WKU FEAST Living Learning Community, please contact:

Summer Cooper
Registered Dietitian
The "Global Living" Living Learning Community provides international students with the opportunity to be roommates with a WKU domestic student, while being neighbors in a community of other students from various backgrounds, cultures and countries. Housed in Northeast Hall, the Global Living LLC will feature programs that focus on communication and setting living expectations between roommates as they navigate unique lifestyles, events in the hall to celebrate student's country of origin and highlight traditions of importance, and opportunities to connect to other WKU resources, like the International Student Office, WKU Athletic events, and participating in the Bowling Green International Festival. 

Northeast Hall provides the following amenities:

  • Large spacious rooms, that include a bathroom within the room for two roommates to share
  • Extended living - the residence hall will remain open during university breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks)
  • An "Iron Chef" style kitchen, so students can cook meals that remind them of home
  • Small rooms with a table and chairs located on the ground floor that provide privacy for studying, prayer or small group conversation as you practice your English

To enroll in the WKU Global Living Living Learning Community, please contact: 

Lana Kunkel
Associate Director, Housing Operations, WKU Housing & Residence Life

The Health Professions Living Learning Community gathers students majoring in the pre-professional health disciplines and facilitates an open support system via caulty mentoring, strategic programming, as well as service and internship opportunities. 

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The ISEC Living Learning Community, located in Pearce Ford Tower and Hugh Poland Hall, builds a sense of belonging to Western Kentucky University, forms a support network, and begins creating the student’s college experience. In addition, students will enroll in two courses together: University experience and English 100. 

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To enroll in the ISEC Academy Living Learning Community, please contact:

Dr. Martha Sales
Executive Director of WKU TRIO Programs and The WKU Intercultural Student Engagement Center 
The LGBT+ Living Learning Community strives to promote social integration and change for those of all different gender identities, sexual orientation, and gender expressions by creating brave spaces founded upon acceptance and empowerment. The goal is to help those grow into their authetic selves, while teaching members to become socially responsible through civic engagement and service opportunities centering around LGBT+ activism.


To enroll in the LGBT+ Living Learning Community, please contact:

Heather Thomas
Coordinator, WKU Housing & Residence Life

The Army ROTC Living Learning Community is for students who:

  • Are enrolling in the ROTC program and the Military Science course
  • Want to live in the same residence hall and form connections with other Army ROTC students
  • Want to participate in extracurricular activities that connect learning in and out of the classroom
  • Want to experience career exploration with faculty, students, and advisors

Army ROTC partners with Western Kentucky University to recruit, educate, develop, and inspire Senior ROTC Cadets in order to commission officers of character for the Total Army. The Army ROTC Living Learning Community consists of a diverse group of first year and scholarship students who are engaged in the Army ROTC program and a variety of co-curricular activities. The living learning community will create camaraderie and team building among ROTC students, ensure each ROTC student is persistent in their academics and connect ROTC students with faculty/staff to track student success through mentorship opportunities. Students in the living learning community will have access to many different opportunities to enhance their abilities and prepare them for their future careers.


To enroll in the ROTC Living Learning Community, please contact:

Brandon Smith
Recruiting Operations Officers

Learn | Live | Lead - Consciously

When you join the Sustainability Living Learning Community at Western Kentucky University, you connect with other students who share your interest in sustainability. Learn what it means to be enviornmentally and socially responsible, and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 



Whether sustainability is your way of life or you are just now learning the basics, the Sustainability Living Learning Community is for you. No prior knowledge of, or experience with, sustainability is required!


Faculty & Staff Support

Dedicated and engaged faculty and staff members are committed to providing information, resources, and internventions to ensure your success. You can expect to see faculty and staff outside the classroom attending Sustainability Living Learning Community programs, activities, and events. They will be in contact with you to support your academic performance and class attendance.


On-Campus Housing

The Sustainability Living Learning Community provides an added opportunity for first-year students to connect with other students who share their interest in sustainability by housing them in the same on-campus residence hall. Students take a class together and live near each other for easy access to study groups, programs, socializing and support. 

The Community is housed in Bemis Lawrence Hall. Bemis Lawrence is a co-ed hall, by floor; female participants will be housed on one floor, male participants will be housed on an adjacent floor.

Preferred roommate requests will be honored. If you are admitted to the Sustainability Living Learning Community, and you have a preferred roommate request, you will be assisgned to Bemis Lawrence Hall with your preferred roommate. Your preferred roommate does not need to be admitted to the Sustainability Living Learning Community in order for you to be assigned together.


Course Credit

All students in the Sustainability Living Learning Community will be enrolled in GEOG 280: Environmental Science and Sustainability during the fall semester. This four-cred-thour course meets your science lab general education requirement (Explorations: Natural and Physical Science with Lab), and is designed to provide you with a general understanding of how the environment functions. The course content also explores the effects of human impact on the environment and geoscience solutions to environmental problems. The course lab component provides practical experiences associated with the theories outlined in the course content.


A Unique Experience

Engaging hall programs, activities and events - planned specifically for you - will provide opportunities for you to apply what you are learning in the classroom to real life, and connect with your community. Your involvement in these programs, activities and events, such as recyclable craft nights, locally-sourced family dinners, documentary screenings, sustainable business simulations, and outdoor adventure activities, will be expected


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There is no additional cost for students to enroll in the Sustainability Living Learning Community. However, there is a $10 course fee associated with GEOG 280. This $10 fee will appear on your student account and be included in your student bill. Please note that while participation in the Sustianability Living Learning Community is free to admitted participants, any programs, activities, or events with additional fees will be charged to non-LLC participants at cost.

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WKU Office of Sustainability


The Sustainability Living Learning Community is sponsored by the WKU Office of Sustainability, WKU Housing & Residence Life, the WKU Department of Geography and Geology, Wholesome WKU, and WKU Resource Conservation. 


The Top of the Class Living Learning Community is for first year students enrolled in the School of Teacher Education. 


To enroll in the Top of the Class Living Learning Community, please contact:

Julia Mittelberg
Assistant Professor

The Transfer Center in the Advising and Career Development Center aims to integrate the transfer experience into the Hilltopper community by providing assistance with transfer admission, credit evaluation, and advising services. In addition, the Transfer Center and Transfer Living Learning Community will provide in residential hall specialized programming to promote high academic achievement and strong social networks for all transfer students.


To enroll in the Transfer Living Learning Community, please contact:

Julia Johnson
Senior Transfer Advisor

The WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) LLC promotes and facilitates achievement for women in academic STEM careers through community and success strategies.

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