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Air Quality Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated January 16, 2019


What is Minton Hall?

Minton Hall is a 10-story, 406-bed residence hall that opened in 1963 and was extensively renovated in 2004. It is co-ed and its residents include freshman as well as upper classmen and students in the Mahurin Honors College.


Why was Minton Hall originally closed?

On November 7, 2019, WKU announced that Minton Hall would be temporary closed due to ongoing mold issues. The building was required to be unoccupied for contractors to safely remediate the issue and have it ready for occupancy for the spring semester. Read the full article here: https://www.wku.edu/news/articles/index.php?view=article&articleid=7102


When will Minton Hall reopen?

Minton Hall will reopen for the fall 2019 semester.

Note: Minton Hall had an anticipated opening for January 18, 2019. During the final inspection the afternoon of January 15, 2019, WKU staff identified additional items expanding the scope of work.  The additional work cannot be completed to WKU’s standard of excellence by the opening of the residence halls on Friday, January 18, 2019 at 8 am, therefore, we will not open Minton Hall for the spring semester.  


Where did the students go?

All students were offered housing in regular rooms on campus.


Was students' health compromised?

Results of air quality testing to date have found Aspergillus- and Penicillium-like spores, commonly found in outdoor air samples. While these are not considered toxic, they can cause problems for people with allergies or who are hypersensitive.


What level is considered dangerous?

There are no national standards or guidelines for the acceptable number of mold spores present in indoor air. An area is considered to have an elevated level of mold spores when the indoor sample contains a higher spore count than an outside control sample. According to the EPA, it is impossible to get rid of all mold and mold spores that make their way indoors.


What can students who don't live in Minton do if they think they have mold?

If students have any concerns about their room, submit a maintenance request. Those can be completed online at wku.edu/housing/maintenance, by texting WKUDFM to 82267 and including contact information and the issue, calling Facilities Management at 270-745-3252, or visiting DFM in person on the ground floor of Parking Structure 1 during business hours.

Once the maintenance request is received, someone will follow up and determine the appropriate course of action.


Why has mold been such an issue this year?

Mold reproduces through the release of spores, which are present at various levels in outdoor air. In order for mold to grow, these spores need a moist environment and the appropriate growth medium. Hot, humid conditions this fall has provided a good growing environment. In some cases, HVAC systems have not operated properly to control that environment or have contributed to that environment. Other factors that can contribute include leaks, spills, blocked vents.


Why is Minton being closed and not other halls? 

The situation in Minton is different. The unique building configuration makes it necessary to replace the ceiling tiles. In order to do this, the building must be unoccupied.


Who did the work?

The work was performed by a private contractor. WKU has hired Paul Davis Restoration and Renovation of Bowling Green KY.

View Remediation Plan


Are there still mold problems in other halls?

WKU inspected residence halls during the break and submitted work orders as required.  We are still receiving work orders from other halls.  All reported issues are being addressed as they are received.


How were the new assignments made?

Assignments were made as logically as possible, keeping current floor resident as close together as space allowed. 


What kind of moving accommodations were made for students?

Instructors of Minton Hall residents were notified of this disruption in the students' schedules and were asked to consider academic accommodations during this period. HRL provided volunteers, trucks, dollies, boxes, and tape for students to use. Free laundry was provided in all residence halls for the remainder of the fall semester for students to wash all clothing and bedding to ensure that spores are not relocated to their new living space.


Do I have to change my address for mail and packages?

Yes. You will need to provide your email address to have your mail and packages delivered to you in your new, temporary assignment when the spring semester begins. Addresses for each residence hall are available at https://www.wku.edu/postal/residencehalladdress.php.


How will parking work with my new assignment?

If you need alternative parking accommodations, contact PTS to discuss options near your residence hall. Please direct any parking related questions to Parking and Transportation Services at 270-745-2361 or transportation@wku.edu.


Will there be move-in asstance when I move back  in January?

Move-in assistance will be available for Minton students Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM to 4 PM. Please report to your residence hall front desk if you require assistance.


Am I eligible to receive a housing credit?

Students are eligible for a one-time credit if they resided in Minton Hall on October 8, 2018, and were required to move to a permanent or temporary residence hall in November 2018, AND are returning to WKU and will be residing in a WKU residence hall.

All Minton Hall residents, regardless of their temporary spring 2019 assignment, will be billed at the Minton Hall rate of $1,245.  The corrected billing will be reflected on their spring semester bill and includes the housing credit as stated in President Caboni’s November 11, 2018 message. To review this message, please visit www.wku.edu/housing/airquality/updates.php.


*Institutional funds for students that are not wages and not loans are considered scholarships. "Scholarship" is the term WKU uses for undergraduate awards. This designation ensures compliance with IRS rules and the requirement that any educational benefits paid to a student, regardless of the source, be considered in the determination of eligibility for federal financial aid and must be reported on a 1098T.  WKU has information regarding the 1098T available at:  https://www.wku.edu/bursar/1098t.php. If you have questions regarding the scholarship award, call Emmeline Essler at (270) 745-6169 to speak with a member of the scholarship staff.


Students are NOT eligible for the one-time credit if they choose not to reside in any campus housing, or decide to cancel their university housing assignment and live at home for the spring semester. 

NOTE: Students canceling their housing assignment will incur the standard $750 contract termination fee.


I have a maintenance concern. How do I submit a maintenance request?

To submit a maintenance request, please visit www.wku.edu/housing/maintenance


I have more questions. Who should I contact?

Students and parents with questions regarding air quality can call HRL at (270)745-3143 or email sharon.hunter@wku.edu.

For media inquiries, please contact Bob Skipper at (270)745-4295.

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