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Sierra Bailey


I will be your H4 Counselor this year! I am so pumped to meet you and prepare you for some of the best years of your life at WKU!  I attended H4 last year as a camper (yes- we MIGHT be the same age) and loved it so much, I couldn’t wait to apply to be a counselor. Until we get the chance to officially meet, let me introduce myself! Sierra Bailey

My name is Sierra Bailey and I am currently a rising sophomore. I live about 30 minutes south of Nashville in a city called Spring Hill. Coming to WKU was an easy choice for me as I instantly fell in love with the campus- I didn’t even bother to look at any other schools! From the second I walked on this campus my sophomore year of high school, to now, I feel at a home away from home. I can’t even imagine myself anywhere else. Not to mention, what I wanted to study had a program that ranked in the top 3 in the NATION!! How freaking cool is that!?

So let’s talk about my life on the Hill. I am a double major in Broadcasting News and Sports Reporting and Geography and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Climate Systems. It’s a tongue twister, but all those jumbled words come down to leading me to my future career- a weather broadcaster/TV meteorologist. I knew since freshman year of high school I wanted to be on news TV, but after taking an honors meteorology collanade course, I had to go the weather route. I just loved it!!!

Outside of my academic life, I am extremely involved on campus. If I could stress anything to an incoming freshman, it would be to GET INVOLVED!!! Talk to your RA, talk to your friends, pick up flyers, walk around campus- there are SO many ways to get involved on the hill!!! I work in the office of admissions as a tour guide (maybe I gave you a tour last spring;), I am a TOP guide, I partake in News Channel 12 (the on-campus news station that is led and produced by students), Revolution 91.7 (the on-campus radio station that is led and provided by students), and I am also an ambassador for the School of Journalism and Broadcasting. I KNOW that sounds like a lot, BUT with good time management, it is TOTALLY possible to manage great grades and a good social life!!

Now I KNOW your super nervous reading through all of this because I was in your spot less than a year ago!! I know the EXACT feeling you are feeling right now. I know the feeling of excitement, mixed with sadness, mixed with nervousness, and then mixed with more excitement. College has quite possibly been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. It has pushed me to step out of my comfort zones, meet new people, and most importantly- find who I am meant to be in life.

You are absolutely going to LOVE your experience being apart of the Mahurin Honors College. It is an experience that cannot even be put into words, but shown through actions.

I am seriously so excited for YOU this year!! Freshman year ROCKS!!! Come in with an open mind, let yourself make new friendships, talk to people you may not have in high school, have fun decorating your room, ask lots of questions, and most importantly- have FUN!!

The rest of the summer is going to go by SO fast, so cherish each moment before you leave home. If you have ANY questions, need ANY advice, or just want to know what to expect in college- please by all means shoot me a text or email. I didn’t have any older friends in college to ask, so my h4 Counselor last year (Emily Tinsley- aka the best Counselor ever) became a mentor for me, not only at H4, but all of freshman year. I hope to be your Emily;)

See you super soon!!!


Sierra Bailey



twitter: @TOPguidesierra

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