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Kayla Krohman

Hey, Hey, Hey!

I hope your’re having a fantastic summer so far! My name is Kayla Krohman, and I am thrilled to be your H4 Counselor. As a freshman, H4 was one of my favorite experiences because it solidified my excitement for beginning my journey as a member of the Mahurin Honors College. It also gave me the confidence and information I needed in order to have a successful college career. Oh, not to mention it is an absolute blast! Kayla Krohman

One of the biggest takeaways I got from H4 is that it is okay to not know what you want to do. For me, this came into play with my major. I came in as Biology major but now, going into my Sophomore year, I am a Meteorology major. I’m stoked for the future and all the opportunities WKU will provide me with! I hope to get involved with some meteorology clubs this coming semester. Currently, I am a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, involved with the Christian Student Fellowship, and I attend Journey Church. I also serve as an HonorsTopper so if you see me giving tours on campus, be sure to say hello!  A couple fun facts about myself is that I’m terrified of birds and my favorite fruit is pineapple.

Some of my favorite hobby’s include traveling, dancing, spending time outdoors, and having the best time with my friends! During the school year, I heavily frequent Spencer’s coffee in downtown Bowling Green. On campus, you will likely catch me in the Environmental Sciences and Technology building, HCIC, or inside the Fresh Food Company. I can’t wait to share the beautiful campus of WKU with you. It is such a unique place where you make the best memories. Some of mine include the blood drive where I proceeded to pass out three times the day of giving, midnight runs GADS, and the craziness of finals week inside HCIC.

As I reflect on my H4 experience, I believe that the best advice I can give you to make the most of your experience is to not be afraid. As I am from Walton, KY and live three hours from WKU, this was hard for me at first. I knew no one and you might not either. However, do not let this hold you back. Do things that are ordinarily out of your comfort zone and you will be surprised of your own personal growth! It’s also amusing to look back and laugh at all of the silly experiences you had by putting yourself out there.

I am counting down the days until I get to meet you! I’d love to hear a little bit about yourself so, if you’d like, feel free to email me.

See you soon,

Kayla Krohman


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