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Joshua Biggs


My name is Joshua Biggs and I’ll be one of your H4 counselors this summer! This is my first summer being an H4 counselor and I am beyond excited to spend it with you. Joshua Biggs

I was born and raised in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and will be starting my junior year this fall. I am majoring in Business Economics with a goal to receive a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics. On top of being an H4 Counselor, I have gotten plugged in to many different organizations on campus. I am involved with the Christian Student Fellowship (CSF), greek life, and ODK (Honors Society). A few of my hobbies and include playing the piano, intramural sports, hanging out with friends, and trying every flavor of donut at GADS (a goal I have not quite completed yet).

Western Kentucky University truly is my home away from home. H4 jump started my experience at WKU. It provided many relationships I still have and cherish and many connections that are greatly beneficial. This can be true for you as well; take advantage of this!

College is such a fun time in one’s life. My challenge for you is to make college more than a “fun time”. Grow as a person, a leader, a student. How do you do that? That’s a great question, I have a few pieces of advice to help accomplish that goal.

  1. “Study every day, literally.” Even when you don’t have a huge workload, go to the library (or your favorite study spot) and get ahead in that class. Not only will this help your GPA, it also will help with your general work ethic.
  2. “Ask for help.” WKU has many different resources to help you when you need. Don’t let your pride get in the way of help that will make you better off. This principle applies much further than just academics as well.
  3. “Say yes when you can and say no when you have to.” College presents many new opportunities that you might usually brush off. Try out new things! With that in mind, stay true to yourself and don’t spread yourself too thin.

I’m pumped for H4 and for all the new friendships that will be formed!

Please reach out for ANY questions you have. I am here to serve you!



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