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David Weafer

Dearest of Campers oh so truly dear,

I hope you are ready as H4 draws ever near!

My name is David Weafer and I will be your Counselor you see,

But a name does not tell you much, rather you need to look at me.

I am from Owensboro, Kentucky which is only an hour north of Bowling Green.

But why did I come here you ask? What was my dream?

I chose WKU because my original major was Data Analytics.

Gordon Ford College of Business was the only place in the state that would offer me such specifics.

My major is now Social Media Marketing which means I switched, what a scare!

But that is the beauty of college, you have plenty of time to decide so don’t despair.

In fact I might add another major or a minor on too,David Weafer

It’s all about finding the subjects that interest you.

And now that I have arrived at WKU, I couldn’t quite imagine myself anywhere else that is true.

“If you love your college so much then you must be involved!”

Ah yes you are right in one year as a freshman I truly evolved.

I am an Honors Topper, which are the Honors College ambassadors,

An avid member of Greek life, and I’m involved at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center.

My hobbies include late nights at HCIC, which you’ll know all about.

And daily trips to Preston or hanging around.

My favorite college memory might be at Dance Big Red

(Just because I loved dancing my heart out at 6am during the 10th hour of the 12-hour program and seeing everyone somewhat annoyed but also amazed with the amount of energy I still had at going at that point, which if you should know one thing about me it’s that I love to dance. Okay side note over, back to the wonderful poetry)

Or when I was an H4 camper like you and sang the Pokémon theme song in front of dozens of people I had never met.

What I would encourage you to do most is to unashamedly be yourself on this retreat.

For me that small decision made my entire first year of college so incredibly sweet.

If you have any questions about H4 or WKU or anything at all feel free to contact me

And finding me on social media should be very easy considering I’m the only David Weafer out there.                

I can’t wait to meet you all!

Until then, stay sweet!


David Weafer


(270) 315-7088

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