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David Weafer

David Weafer

H4 counselor bio but make it slam poetry: 

Slam! The table. Because I’m excited for H4! H4? What’s it for? To open a new door? Yes, a portal to a new you. A new chapter.  A new rapture. What comes after? Blank pages. Blank Spaces (shout out TSwift). To be filled by you. Yes you. Not me. I am just the welcoming committee. WELCOME. We’ll Come. Home. Together, to WKU. After H4. Because H4 is for you. And that’s who I’m here to serve, true.

Yeet! If you’re not confused by that then I’m impressed because it confused me while I was writing it. What’s up! I’m David Weafer. a.k.a. Weaf, a.k.a. Weaf Thins, a.k.a. Weafster (@all social media handles), a.k.a. Daveed a.k.a. Danny Devito (no one actually calls me that but I wish they did). I’m going to be your counselor for H4 and I can promise you I’m PUMPED. To get to know me a little better I’ll tell you about me. I’m a senior from Owensboro, KY and I’m majoring in Psychology and Communications. I am an Honors College Ambassador (HonorsToppers) and I am in Greek life and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church on campus. I am currently researching for my Honors Thesis which will be over the Enneagram. Like I said that tells you some things about me. But who I am? That’s what I’m excited to share with you at H4. And that’s what I’m looking forward to seeing in each of you. Not just your resume, or your personality traits, or what you feel like you have to be. But the real you. That’s what H4 is all about. Embracing yourself and proudly showing it to your new world in college. Or at least to me it is, heck there’s a million takeaways you can get from H4 but by-golly if that’s not one of them then I’ll have failed as a counselor. So get excited and bring the heat to H4. We’re gonna have a fun time and I cannot wait. Below you can find my email, phone number, social media, whatever you feel comfortable using to contact me if you so choose. If you need someone to talk to because you’re nervous, I’m here. If you have questions about classes, dorms, clubs, etc. I’m here. If you want to know my favorite animal, I’m here for that as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out, stay safe, and come to H4 with some energy in ya!


Stay Sweet,





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