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David Weafer

(To be read as if it was a rap)

Yuh it’s ya boi David Weafer aka Lil Weaf on the track! You about to be my campers lemme show ya wassup

*beat boxing ensues*David Weafer

Yo what it do we at WKU and the first thing about me is my favorite color’s blue. Imma junior on the Hill and I love chocolate milk you can catch me at Fresh cause I eat it every meal.

Now my major is Psychology and Comm which are honestly my favorite things to learn in this life we call an odyssey.

But I didn’t know from the start what I wanted in my heart, it’s okay to change majors that won’t tear you apart.

I was data analytics but then I had to quit it, then Marketing was cool but now I’m here and I don’t miss it.

*Que trap airhorn*

*tempo changes*

Now lemme tell you more about what I’m really like. I have a lot of fun cause I’m part of Greek Life. 

HonorsToppers’ cool I give tours a lot, I make sure they have pizazz cause I’m not a robot.

I’m at Preston and St. Thomas just about everyday and I spent the whole summer biking cross the countray<-(insert country accent)

Now I’m from Owensboro but I work in the Ville, at Clayton and Crume selling leather, yes it’s real.

When I was a camper I sang the Pokémon song, I’m silly and I’m goofy I’ll make sure we get along

H4 is really fun it’ll be a good time, I can’t wait to meet ya hope you enjoyed this rhyme.

If you have any questions about H4 or WKU or anything at all feel free to contact me

And finding me on social media should be very easy considering I’m the only David Weafer out there.                

I can’t wait to meet you all!

Until then, stay sweet!

David Weafer


(270) 315-7088

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