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Dana Brown

Hello hello pals!!!!!!!

My name is Dana Brown and I will be entering my third year on The Hill and I am thrilled that you will be here with me. I am an out-of-state student from Brownsburg, Indiana, a suburban town just west of Indianapolis. My major is Sport Management and I have a double minor in Event and Facility Management and Business Administration. I am not only your counselor at H4 but also your directional leader! (You’re probably super confused in the current moment as you have no idea what that means, but it will make a lot more sense in a few weeks, just hang in there!)Dana Brown

I packed a lot of stuff into my freshman year but somehow managed to do even more in my time as a sophomore. Between my two years thus far I have volunteered for a high school ministry in a local church, been the President and Treasurer of the Sport Management Club, become an HonorsTopper as well as an H4 Counselor and Directional Leader, played on intramural teams, been an active leader in my sorority Alpha Delta Pi, studied abroad in London for two weeks and worked almost full time in the WKU Athletic Department for the past three semesters because #GoTops, ya know? If you ask me what has been my favorite part, I can’t name one but I can break my favorite memories down into three separate categories: my job in WKU Athletics, my time as a sister in Alpha Delta Pi, and, especially, my involvement in the Mahurin Honors College. It sounds like a ton and I’ll be real, it is a ton. However, I have friends that have participated in even more than I have and friends that have found just one or two things on campus to really throw themselves into, so it’s true that your collegiate experience is really up to you. In college, you have 24 hours in a day and you get to make them 100% yours for the first time in your life. It’s an awesome and crazy change in your young life, but trust me, it is so worth your while.

I chose to come to the Mahurin Honors College because I immediately felt a sense of community. Here, people cared about their academics, but they cared about each other more. You won’t find anyone who works for the Mahurin Honors College that wouldn’t do anything they can to help you. So much of that community we emphasize is also built at H4. I met people at H4 that ended up being my best friends. We bonded over team chants and camp counselors and we retold H4 stories all the way through our last day in Minton Hall (these accounts were typically exchanged in the study room, which I’ll tell you about later.) However, H4 certainly isn’t an easy task. You’re thrown into a room with 200 strangers and told to get on a bus and become friends, believe me it's beyond awkward. But I’m going to do my best to make it less awkward and super worth your time!

Please do not hesitate to use that Topper email of yours and send me any questions you may have. I may not answer right away, but I promise I’ll get back to you. I hope you are as excited for H4 as I am! I’ll see you real soon!

Dana Brown



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