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Christa Sego

Hello Campers!

My name is Christa Sego and I will be your H4 counselor! I attended H4 as a camper in 2015. In the fall, I will begin my final year *sheds tear* at WKU majoring in Biology and minoring in American Sign Language with a pre-med concentration. I grew up in Bullitt County, Kentucky which is a little south of Louisville. I am pursuing a career in pediatric medicine. I love kiddos, drinking coffee and relaxing on the lake. In my free time, I enjoy sewing and treating myself with ice cream.Christa Sego

One of my favorite things about my home on the Hill is how easy it is to get involved. There are a variety of organizations you can be a part of. During my time on the Hill, I have been a part of Greek life, Alpha Epsilon Delta (a pre-health honors society), Dance Big Red, HonorsToppers, Student Rural Health Association, various honors societies, etc. The best way to get involved is to find an organization that sparks your interest and see if you can attend their next meeting. I encourage you to get involved early and try something out of your comfort zone. You never know who you will meet or the impact you can have on that organization.

My favorite thing about the Mahurin Honors College is the sense of community. The Mahurin Honors College allows students to connect and build meaningful relationships. Through my small group at H4, countless study groups, and movie nights, my Honors peers have become my closest confidants and truest friends. I have also formed relationships with upperclassman that provide guidance and encouragement. This encouragement from both students and faculty, has given me the courage to travel across the world to Tanzania for 5 weeks and help fund my thesis research abroad. The emphasis on diversity and international engagement from the staff allowed me to have this experience of a lifetime.

My biggest advice to you as an incoming college student is to embrace new opportunities and people. I met some of my best friends at H4. Remember, everyone comes from a different background and has their own story to tell. Be ready to listen with an open mind and an open heart. Give people a chance and always try to find the best in them. In college, there are so many new opportunities. Take advantage of them or at least give them a try. Go to that study abroad interest meeting even though you think it is out of your comfort zone. Go to the interest meeting for that organization you keep hearing about. Go to GADS (a 24hr donut shop) with your friends at midnight because you will discover that’s when the fresh donuts come out. Be yourself but don’t miss out on the opportunity for personal growth.

I am so excited to meet you all at H4! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me. Get excited! H4 is the beginning of a wonderful journey at WKU!

See you soon!

Christa Sego

Class of 2019


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