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Caleb Tamminga

Hey there! 

My name is Caleb Tamminga, and I am so stoked to be your H4 counselor this year! This is my first year being an H4 counselor, and I'm super excited it'll be with you all! Caleb Tamminga

Before I get talking about H4, I'd like to take a little about myself. This fall will be my third year on the hill as I pursue a degree in Biochemistry with a minor in the Psychological Sciences. My "plan" after school is to attend medical school and complete my aspiration of becoming a doctor, but as we all know, rarely do things go exactly according to plan (but that's OK!). I have alot of involvements on campus through TOP, Spirit Masters, Honors, the pre-proffesional society on campus, and the study abroad office. Fun Fact: I recently studied abroad through the Semester at Sea program where I took classes on a ship and traveled to 13 different countries around the world. I was literally living the #suitelife. But more than being "cool", studying abroad, and truly all my involvements, have pushed me to become a better leader, student, and citizen of the world. And that's what I want you to seek out and to gain from the honors college, and H4 is a great introduction into that world.

Now, last time I attended H4 I was a freshman, and I rememeber being SO anxious about meeting all these people I'd never met. And I want to tell you that feeling perfectly normal! For me coming to college was a big change to what I was used to before, and I didn't expect being as uncomfortable with change as I was. So I have a few recommendations on how you can make this transition into college hopefully just that much simpler. 

  1. Seek out a good support system: when I didn't have my high school friends by my side I felt disconnected. Finding peers and mentors who on campus 
  2. Get involved on campus: the worst thing you can do when coming to campus is to go straight to class and come striaght back to your dorm. Even simple things to do on campus like intramural can make the difference in your college experience.
  3. Don't be afraid to try something new! Be open to new experiences and yes, change! Even if things fail they can still be available to your growth as a person.

In the mean time, enjoy the rest of you're summer! I can't wait to meet you all, and if you have any questions at ALL do not hesitate to message me. I'm here for you!


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