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Bethany Lawson

Hey everyone!

I’m Bethany Lawson, and I will be an H4 counselor for you this year! I am entering my final year here on the hill (I’m not crying, you’re crying) and could not be more excited to get to know you and share with you some of the knowledge I have gained throughout my time at WKU.Bethany Lawson

I am originally from Oldham County, Kentucky, which is
 about thirty minutes outside of Louisville. I am a 
dietetics major and psychology minor. I have
 previously studied abroad through the program 
Semester at Sea and would love to travel more 
throughout the rest of my college career. Family
 means more to me than anything else in the
 world, my favorite foods are ice cream, whipped
 cream, and apples (not necessarily together), and 
I drink a minimum of about three cups of coffee a 
day. I will be coming to H4 straight off of a summer spent in class and working at The Medical Center here in Bowling Green, so trust me, I’m more than excited to just get to have fun getting to know you all a little bit and not be working.

I originally came to WKU mostly for financial reasons, but I have stayed because I fell in love with all that being a Hilltopper means. Every person who steps foot onto the Hill can find a unique niche that fills their life in ways they never thought possible. Even though I swore coming to WKU would simply keep me in the shadow of my older brother and sister who are recent alumni, I have found my own place apart from them while still maintaining close ties to the legacies they left. In sum, whether you come in knowing everyone or no one, you can still find your own place, I guarantee it because I’ve seen it in my own life.

I cannot say enough about how important it is to find places to plug in to both on and off campus. Getting involved will help you find your niche more than anything else will. Being involved in places like the Mahurin Honors College can and will change your life if you only let them. Being a part of the community of the Mahurin Honors College, a Greek organization, and a local church has surrounded me with some of the most incredible people I know. Overall, the people, places, and experiences I have had during my time at WKU so far has been far more than I ever thought possibly because of these things and I am forever grateful for them all.

In the end, if you ever have any questions about college, life, or who I am, please feel free to reach out! I would love to chat, grab coffee, or just hang out!

Can’t wait to meet all of you!

Bethany Lawson


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