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Allison Hoey

Hello My H4 Camper!

My name is Allison Hoey and I am going to be your H4 counselor! Words cannot describe even a mere scratch of how excited I am to meet you! I just want to introduce myself before we get there in hopes of calming your nerves a bit. I hope you are excited too! I am a senior at WKU and I am an Exercise Science major in hopes of becoming a physical therapist one day. I am originally from Southern California, however I moved when I was ten to Crestwood, KY (which is right outside Louisville). I now live in Bowling Green full time. So please, if you have any questions after camp I am a text/phone call away and would love to get lunch with you!Allison Hoey

I know you will hear this repeatedly during H4 but college 
is what you make it! I have truly loved being on the Hill and it is
 primarily because of the amazing friendships I have made as well
 as the activities I am involved in. Throughout my time, I have 
been involved in numerous clubs and activities. I am involved in
 Greek Life and in the sorority Phi Mu. I am Academic Excellence Chairman for my chapter and love being able to encourage and push my sisters to continue to achieve in the classroom. In addition, I am actively involved in Christian Student Fellowship on campus and a part of the Exercise Science Club and Pre-Physical Therapy Club. Also, I have the pleasure of being an HonorsTopper for the Mahurin Honors College. HonorsToppers is the ambassador program for the Mahurin Honors College which gives me an opportunity to give potential incoming freshman tours of our campus. If you see me giving a tour next year please don’t hesitate to say hi. Everything that I do I am super passionate about and I know you will find your niche too. In addition, I have worked on campus for two years at the WKU Foundation, but now work as a Pharmacy Technician at Kroger.

I hope you are ready for your freshman year because that is the year you have the most free time! My favorite memories stem from my freshman year. In fact, it was because of Minton Hall that I met my friends that I still have today in college. Be prepared for late night runs to GADS (The Great American Donut Shop) open 24/7, milkshakes at Cookout, and late night movies with your friends. There are lots of places to hike, run, and be outdoors in Bowling Green. There are even sand volleyball courts you can play at! I love hanging out with my friends and taking advantage of every impulsive decision to go get food. In my free time I love to read, workout, watch Grey’s Anatomy, and drink an unhealthy amount of coffee.

One of the reasons I chose WKU was because of the Mahurin Honors College. I wanted to be on a big campus, yet I wanted a small classroom size that a small school had. Thankfully, being at WKU and in the Mahurin Honors College, I was able to be in honors courses that allowed me to have that small classroom size. It also encouraged me to not be afraid to talk to my professor and foster that student- teacher relationship I needed in case I had to ask for help. In addition, I wanted to go to WKU because I knew they would help me study abroad. I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina the summer of my freshman year. I had the opportunity to experience Latin culture and see Iguazu Falls. So that is why I chose WKU! H4 is such a great place to start your college experience because it enables you to make friends even before you get onto campus. So don’t be afraid to walk up to a random person at H4. Put yourself out there because you might meet your best friend. You are going to have such a great week. Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions you have beforehand. Can’t wait to meet you!


Allison Hoey

(502) 641-5514


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