Western Kentucky University

Honors College

Student Forms

The following forms should be used by current Honors students requesting funds from the College or submitting Honors augmentation, independent study, Honors thesis or area study major/minor proposals. Please follow the Capstone Experience/Thesis link to access all Capstone Experience/Thesis forms.

Some forms will be completed and submitted online. Other forms are in either PDF format or a Word document format and should be completed on a computer, then printed and turned into the Honors College.


Honors Development Grant

Honors Internships

Honors Travel Abroad Grant

Honors Augmentation Contract

Honors Independent Research Proposal

Capstone Experience/Thesis Forms

Community Service Report Form

Honors Self-Designed Studies Proposal

Study Abroad Honors Credit

Harlaxton Application

Semester At Sea Application

Citizen and Self Study Away Application

Faculty Engagement Grant

Gatton Alumni Scholar Support

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