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Campus and Community Resources

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Campus and Community Resources

WKU Police ─ 911 (Emergencies) 270-745-2548-TIPLINE ─ 745- 8773

Bowling Green Police Department ─ 911 (Emergencies)- 270-393-4244 (Non Emergencies)

Owensboro Police Department- 911 (Emergencies)- 270-687-8888 (Non Emergencies)

Glasgow Police Department- 911 (Emergencies)- 270-651-5151(Non Emergencies)

Elizabethtown Police Department- 911 (Emergencies)- 270-765-4125 (Non Emergencies)

Radcliff Police Department- 911 (Emergencies)- 270- 351-4479 (Non Emergencies)

Fort Knox Police Department- 911 (Emergencies)

A reporting agency; Transportation to the hospital upon request and immediate assistance with securing a safe environment

Counseling and Testing Center ─ 745-3159

Individual counseling; educational programs and support to friends and families of survivors

Sexual Assault Services Coordinator ─ 745-3159

Crisis and Individual counseling; support and assistance and awareness programs

Health Services ─ 745-5641

Physical exams, pregnancy testing and sexually transmitted infections (STI) screenings and educational programs

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs ─ 745-2791

University reporting office; Assistance with coordination of other resources available

Office of Judicial Affairs – 745-5429

University reporting office; Handles judicial proceedings related to The Student Code of Conduct

Hope Harbor, Inc:  A Sexual Trauma Recovery Center

Crisis Line:  1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or 846-1100

Business Line:  782-5014

Hotline; Advocacy; counseling and hospital accompaniment

Medical Center ─ 745-1000

Medical exams; Collection of forensic evidence

Greenview Hospital ─ 793-1000

Medical exams; Collection of forensic evidence

Residence Life Staff

A referral office; Guidance and support and educational programs

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