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Graduate School - Forms and Documents


Program of Study (Form C)
Students must submit a Program of Study to the Graduate School within the first semester, or prior to earning 12 credit hours of course work (inclusive of transfer credit). The degree program is developed in consultation with and approved by the student's graduate program advisor. 
Program of Study Change Form
Any change in the approved Program of Study must be approved. 

Admission to Candidacy (Form D)
This form will not be required as of Fall 2014.
College Reader Approval & Copyright Permission
Required for thesis/specialist project/dissertation publication.
Committee & Topic Selection (Thesis/Specialist Project/Dissertation) (Form G)
For use by existing students who did not submit their committee membership & topic selection on their Program of Study.  This form must be submitted prior to enrollment in any 599, 699, or 799 course.     

Application for Graduation
The Application for Graduation must be submitted through TopNet the semester prior to degree completion.

Appeal of Graduate Policy

Academic Plan 
An academic plan must be submitted to the Graduate School by students who are appealing dismissal.  Students on probation may also be asked to submit an academic plan by his or her department.
Undergraduate Taking Graduate Courses

*Students seeking teacher certification or rank change should contact the Office of Teacher Certification for further requirements, 270-745-4300.   


Financial Assistance 

Graduate Assistantship Agreement 
This agreement outlines the details of the students assistantship and serves as a contract for the student and the department which has appointed the assistantship.  The form is to be completed by the hiring department.
Travel Grant  
Travel funds are intended for students presenting at professional meetings or conferences, or for students who need to travel to conduct research.  A budget must also be submitted. 

Travel Grant Budget Form
Research Grant Application  
Research funds are intended for significant research projects. A budget must also be submitted. 
Research Grant Budget Form
Minority Assistantship Program (MAP) Application 
The MAP assists students from minority groups with tuition costs and opportunities for employment.
Tuition Waiver for Supervising Teachers
This waiver is approved through the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences; contact the CEBS Dean's office for further information.  
 Last Modified 7/17/14