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The Graduate School - Graduate Assistantship

Western Kentucky University awards assistantships to select graduate students in the graduate program. Educational goals at WKU are met in at least two important ways by the Graduate Assistantship program. Graduate assistantship stipends serve as the primary means of support for many graduate students enabling them to pursue higher degrees and grow professionally through the development and application of discipline-based knowledge. At the same time, the University gains the benefit of assistant-provided, high quality services at reasonable cost. Thus, the graduate assistantship program is mutually beneficial to both the student and the University.

Graduate students who are enrolled as non-degree seeking, certificate seeking and/or enrolled as part-time (8 hours or less) are not eligible for graduate assistantship appointments. Students who are in their last semester may enroll part-time and receive full benefits as a GA.

Professional development and support for students in assistantships that involve teaching is available from the Center for Faculty Development (CFD).


Graduate Assistantship Details

There are four different Graduate Assistantship appointments.

Research Assistantship (GR)

Teaching Assistantship (GT)

Assistant Instructor (GI)

General Assistantship (GG)


International Students who are Graduate Assistants

There are additional language requirements and tax implications for international students participating in the program.  Please read this section carefully if you are an international student interested in becoming a graduate assistant at WKU.

Health Insurance

WKU offers an excellent subsidized health insurance plan which graduate assistants may opt-in to at minimal cost.

Graduate Assistantship Openings

Here you will find a listing of known, available graduate assistantships.

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