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Winter 2019 Super Saturdays Course Offerings

These courses are from a past Winter Super Saturdays. While future classes will differ from the ones listed below, these remain posted as an indicator of the range and type of classes offered by this program. An updated class list will be posted in fall 2019.

Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be in the same class for four weeks; however, on the application you should list five classes in which you are interested. If the first choice is filled, you will be placed in the next available class. You will receive a written confirmation of registration indicating the class in which you will participate.

Classes 1 - 26 are offered at WKU's campus in Bowling Green. Classes 27 - 30 are offered at the Kentucky Science Center in Louisville.

1. Amazing Science Lab, grades 1 & 2, Lyndsey Duke - Did you know that your kitchen is one big chemistry lab? As junior chemists, we’ll explore colors, solids, liquids, gases, polymers, chemical reactions, mixtures, solutions, and more. You can learn to be a scientist right in your own kitchen through the experiments we’ll do together. No fancy laboratory is required!

2. Art Around the World (No Passport Required), grades 1 & 2, Ashley Davison - Welcome to Art Around the World! We’ll explore Mexico, Australia, China, and Africa in an art-filled adventure without having to hop on an airplane or go to an art museum. Our adventures will involve creating Day of the Dead skulls, Aboriginal dot paintings, Japanese ink paintings, African masks, and much more! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and jump into some creative problem solving and exciting art making. In our final class, parents will be invited to an art exhibit full of all the amazing work we have created together. I can’t wait for our adventures to begin!              

3. Intro to Musical Theatre: Let's Sing and Dance, grades 1 & 2, Kari Carr - Do you want to sing, dance, and act? Then join us as we learn how to tell a story through song and dance. Have a blast while learning some basics of musical theatre as we explore what it takes to put on a musical. We'll even put on our own show!

4. Inventors and Investigators Making Machines, grades 1 & 2, Dianne Wade - Have you ever wondered how scientists and inventors work? How can you become an inventor? After we get to know some early inventors and their inventions, we’ll investigate how simple machines work. You’ll invent and create your own machines using the six simple machines like pulleys, levers, and wheels and axles. Force, motion, and friction - we’ll use them all as we make our amazing own inventions.                

5. Kitchen Chemistry/Experiments Galore, grades 1 & 2, Andrea Heming - Do you love creating experiments? Then this class is just for you! We will design experiments that you can recreate with supplies in your own home. Only the scientists who LOVE to get messy should sign up for this class. We will have so much fun creating and learning you won’t be able to guess what we’ll do next.          

6. Makers in the Making: Exploration, Design, Creation in the Engineering Process, grades 1 & 2, Laura Beth Hayes - What do robots, Legos, paper roll tubes, and magnets all have in common? They all need YOU and YOUR creative mind to transform them into something amazing. Step into a world of creativity, engineering, design and wonder as you become a "maker!" Our Super Saturdays classroom will be a mini-makerspace lab where we will build and create - while learning to use steps in the scientific and engineering process. We will program robots, build towers out of junk, design with K'Nex, take apart electronics, explore coding and more! Come MAKE with us!

7. To Infinity and Beyond: Discovering Our Solar System, grades 1 & 2, Ben Slinkard - Be a special Space Exploration Club member! Traveling between special Solar Stops, our club members will research fun information about the locations of planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteors, and keep a record in our Space Explorer’s Logbooks. Why do we have seasons? Why do we have day and night? Our galactic fact gathering and activities will help us answer these questions and more. NASA would be proud.

8. Create Your Own Chinese Masterpiece, grades 2 & 3, Confucius Institute - You don’t have to pack your bags to travel to China - you can explore China right here in Bowling Green! Join in as we create Chinese art while learning some Chinese language. You’ll learn about the Chinese zodiac animals, which corresponds to an animal based on the year you were born. We will learn about the Chinese Spring Festival, and learn about the origin of this celebration, which is very similar to the American New Year Celebration. You will learn how to use chopsticks, as you prepare and eat one of the popular dishes in China, "Jiaozi" or dumplings, and learn the art behind the popular writing technique, calligraphy, and create your own word. Finally, we’ll learn how to papercut a pig and the Chinese character for Spring. Each week you will take home a souvenir of your journey to China.

9. Ohh, What Slime-tastic Fun!, grades 2 & 3, Stephanie Beason - Calling all scientists who like to sink their hands in slimey mixtures! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to pour, mix, and stir our way through the chemistry behind slime. We will explore how mixtures, solutions, solvents, and solute join forces to create this squishy, messy ball of fun. Just how ooey and gooey can we get? 

10. Spy Training Academy, grades 2 & 3, Sara Spear - Calling all Junior Spies! The Jr. Spy Training Academy is about to be in session and we are looking for curious and creative minds to explore spy science. We’ll learn how to create invisible ink messages, make a cipher to solve codes, and create our own secret codes (we have to keep our secrets safe!). Our special training will also include detective work such as dusting for fingerprints, using chromatography to test ink samples, building a pom-pom shooter to create a diversion, and other techniques to navigate the spy world. Who is ready to uncover the science behind spying, complete the academy, and get an official Spy School Training certificate?              

11. Superhero Science, grades 2 & 3, Lori Darnell - It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's SUPERHERO SCIENCE! Did you know that superheros and science are connected? Iron Man's innovations, Batman's gadgets, and Magneto's magnetism (just to name a few) are all rooted in scientific ideas. Using various types of text and media we will examine how science, writing, and superheros all tie together. Superhero science will include demonstrations, experiments, and projects.

12. Create-Code-Tell Stories, grades 3 & 4, Christy Matthews - Create and share your own digital stories! Use the computer to design your own stories, create and share your own animations, and learn how technology is used in the film and media industry. You’ll amaze friends and family with your digital story-telling abilities. No previous computer experience is necessary, just a vivid imagination and the urge to create.             

13. Fantastic Beasts and How to Create Them, grades 3 & 4, Katie Laslie - Get ready to enter the mythical world of fantastic beasts and creatures! Throughout history, people have written of great and terrible beings that shaped their imagination. In this course, we'll introduce mythical creatures, explore their origins, and discuss their essence. We will study ancient text and drawings to flex our inner historian and then explore the anatomy and physiology of these incredible beings! Once we know what the fantastic beasts are and where to find them, we will stretch our imaginations and create our very own. Come and be amazed at the mythical worlds we all can make!

14. International (Spy) Travel Agency, grades 3 & 4, Ali Raymer - Are you ready to travel the world right from your classroom? Explore international sites through the eyes of a gallivanting spy, Ms. Fernweh. From invisible ink to passport puzzles, you’ll put the pieces together to explore concepts of geography, culture, language, and writing. If you want to head out on a learning journey you’ll never forget, then these international spy explorations are for you. Keep your bags packed because adventure awaits!

15. STEM World: Discovering the Math and Science of Amusement Parks, grades 3 & 4, Madison Wells and Baleigh Lawson - Join us as we design and build a thrilling amusement park complete with roller coasters, Ferris wheels, theme park treats, and much, much more! We’ll experiment with everyday objects to explore physics, geometry, energy, and ratios as we go behind the scenes of amusement parks where science and math come to life on a daily basis. You’ll be a STEM expert on your next family trip to an amusement park!          

16. Under the Sea Discovery, grades 3 & 4, Beth Rogers - Get ready to put on your SCUBA suit and dive into an underwater exploration of coral reefs, kelp forests, and mangrove environments! Become a junior marine scientist as you discover the interactions of marine invertebrates, learn about the wonders of fish behavior, and determine how humans are connected to marine communities. You will learn and appreciate the vast diversity of marine species by making your own coral polyps, constructing a class kelp forest, creating your own fish species, dissecting a secret organism, and much more!

17. Exploring Art Through the Artists, grades 3, 4, & 5, April Yates - Join our journey through history to meet some important and fascinating artists. As we travel around the globe to explore the artistic styles of Vincent Van Gogh, Frieda Kahlo, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol and others, we will experiment with different art media such as painting, printmaking, sculpting, and weaving to make our own colorful masterpieces. There will be a gallery show on the last Saturday to share your artwork with friends and family. Color us explorers AND artists!             

18. The Class of Unfortunate Events, grades 4 & 5, Julie Roberts Boggess - WARNING: If you select this class hoping to discuss a simple, cheery tale, I'm afraid that you will be choosing the wrong class altogether. This class will explore the trials and tribulations of three seriously unfortunate siblings, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. Students must endure discussions about several awful topics including itchy clothing, a deadly serpent, hungry leeches, coupons, violin recitals, mysterious initials, and a bad acting theater troupe. I will continue to teach this tragic class, because I have been sworn to do so. On the other hand, you can save yourself from this heaping helping of woe and instead have a heaping helping of some chilled split-pea soup. (Requirement: It is very important that students have read at least the first SIX books in The Series of Unfortunate Events.

19. Crash Course: Game Design and Strategy, grades 4 & 5, Shawn Quinn - Do you love to play games? When you play Settlers of Catan, Sudoku or SIM, are you thinking how you would improve the game? Join in as we explore the science and thinking behind what makes games challenging and fun and keeps us coming back over and over. We will engage in minds-on, hands-on activities that explore what makes games work, and then design and build our own. What are you waiting for? Game on!

21. Rescuing Our Planet - Ecology, Resources, and Solutions, grades 4 & 5, Hannah Harlan and Kacie Gaekle - Go beyond just thinking about climate change and other ecological issues to actual problem-solving and testing possible solutions. Through minds-on, hands-on experiments and activities, you’ll explore ways to clean up polluted water, practical uses for recycled plastic bags, and alternate energy sources such as windmills. What can you learn about mining extraction practices from a chocolate chip cookie? Discover the answer to this and other questions about protecting our rich and varied natural resources as we collect, analyze, test, explore, and learn.   

22. Computer Science Discoveries, grades 5 & 6, Matt Staggs - Love playing games? Do you want to try making them? Join us in Computer Science Discoveries to learn how to create animations and games using Code.org's development tools. We will learn how to create characters so that they move and interact. By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have what you need to continue on to make your own game!          

23. Mysteries of the Human Body, grades 5 & 6, Catherine Malin - The human body is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Together, we will explore and solve some of the mysteries surrounding medicine, human anatomy and physiology, medical forensics, genetics, and more! Throughout the program, you’ll extract your own DNA, hold a heart, and leave class with a new “working” set of lungs. You’ll apply your new knowledge and solve a medical forensics case and then become a disease detective to stop the next pandemic. Join us on this intriguing journey as we uncover the mysteries of the human body.

24. "Laughing Matters", grades 5, 6, & 7, Dwight Austin – Where is one place you can go and make stuff up with hardly any rules? It's the Improvisation Theater! In fact, the only requirement for this class is that you "Make Stuff Up!" In this class you will learn several improvisation games and techniques popularized by troupes like The Second City and Whose Line Is It Anyway? You will also learn stage presence, basic acting skills, and how to work closely with other actors. There is a warning, though - your fun factor may cause you to explode in bouts of laughter and craziness. No experience is required, no memorization is expected, and absolutely no seriousness is allowed!

25. Carnival Ride Camp, grades 6, 7, & 8, Craig Frey - “Buckle-in” for this enticing, hands-on introduction to the field of mechanical engineering through the modeling of common amusement park rides. You will explore mechanisms and simple machines while building model-size carnival rides. Learning about the engineering design process and Newton’s Laws of Motion was never so much fun. Think Ferris Wheel, spin rides, and future rides just waiting to be invented!               

26. CSI forensics (for Crime-Solving, Case-Breaking, Crook-Catching), grades 6, 7, & 8, Mary Osborne and Caleb Skaggs - If you like crime science, detective shows, and spy thrillers, welcome to our forensic crime-fighting crew. Over four weeks, you’ll solve four separate cases and learn what it means to be a detective. You’ll learn how to analyze handwriting, take eyewitness statements, collect and analyze evidence, manipulate shredded paper in a corporate espionage case, and use bones to find a missing person. Remember, there’s ALWAYS evidence left behind. After this class, you’ll be a certified SI (Student Investigator).


Louisville Classes

27. Lego WeDo Earth, grades 1 & 2, Kentucky Science Center - Can you help protect the world around you? Combine technology and innovation as you design and program a LEGO WeDo Robot that will help reduce trash and educate others on the importance of recycling and protecting our ecosystem.

28. Mission to Mars, grades 3 & 4, Kentucky Science Center - Do you have what it takes to be one of the first to colonize Mars? Learn the skills you need to be an astronaut as you build and launch your own rockets, program a Mars rover and even collaborate with others as you engineer a habitat that could help us colonize the red planet.

29. Creating in MakerPlace,grades 5 & 6, Kentucky Science Center - Experience a variety of STEAM concepts in our brand new MakerPlace exhibit. Build your maker skills as we learn new techniques that blend art and technology. Create 3-D models, solder wearable electronics, design tiny drawings, and even learn the art of felting.

30. Engineering for Accessibility,grades 7 & 8,Kentucky Science Center - Braille. Closed captioning. Curb ramps. Prosthetics. We as a society have made vast improvements to be inclusive to people with all kinds of needs. You, the engineers of the future, will be tasked with developing a plan and a model of an improvement that could be made to a cultural institution. You will even present your project design to a committee, and the committee will vote for the improvement that they believe is the best.

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