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Fly fishing workshops (non-credit)

Non-credit Workshops

Fly fishing is a wonderful and satisfying activity, but some quality instruction can go a long way in helping you get started. Our workshops are designed with the beginner in mind so don't worry if you don't have any experience.

Note: If you are interested in scheduling a fly fishing related workshop (such as those listed below) please contact WKU Lifelong Learning


Fly Fishing Sampler


"Get ready to embark on a fly fishing adventure"

Workshop topics/activities:

  • What's different about fly fishing?
  • It's not just for trout – find out which fish you can catch
  • Fly fishing in Kentucky... really? Where?
  • Getting acquainted with the equipment.
  • Are you smarter than a fish? Tie your own flies.
  • You can cast a fly rod... I know you can.
  • Let's try to catch a fish (if you have a license).

Other exciting fly fishing opportunities:


Introduction to fly fishing

  • How is fly fishing different than other types of fishing?
  • Is there anywhere around here to fly fish?
  • What kind of fish can I catch?
  • How is a fly rod and reel different than other fishing equipment?
  • What do I need to know about buying equipment?
  • How do I know what flies to use?
  • And answers to other similar questions.


Fly tying workshop

  • Fly tying kit and tools are included with the workshop fee.
  • Basic proficiency in using fly tying tools
  • Basic fly tying techniques
  • Application of techniques by tying several different fly patterns
  • Knowledge of how the flies should be used


Fly casting workshop

  • Personal instruction
  • Properly identify the parts of the fly fishing equipment
  • Properly assemble the fly fishing equipment
  • Demonstrate the primary casts used in fly fishing (forward, back, false, roll, side, S)
  • Discuss the casts and their proper usage


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