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COVID-19 Disinfectant Procedures
Personal Cleaning Materials 

DFM will provide all departmental offices with a bottle of disinfectant solution, however some staff members may choose to purchase additional cleaning materials. Verify that additional supplies eliminate COVID-19 by checking the EPA Registered Disinfectant List. 


Employee Disinfects DSU

Evileidis Zulueta is displaying the disinfectant spray she uses to disinfect frequently touched surfaces in DSU.

COVID-19 Disinfectant Procedures

Custodial COVID-19 Operations:

WKU's ESA staff are leading the campus in proper disinfectant procedures. WKU public spaces (lobbies, classrooms and study rooms) are cleaned at least twice a day to help slow the spread of COVID-19. All public spaces are also provided disinfectant supplies to enable more frequent cleaning. Check out the revised office cleaning schedule to see how ESAs are adapting to the increased demand to clean communal spaces. As a reminder, ESA's can only clean spaces they have access to. Review the ESA No Access Areas document to ensure inaccessible areas are being cleaning internally by the managing department. 


Our Disinfectant 

WKU is using EcoLab Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant to clean common spaces. The EPA has confirmed that this product is an approved disinfectant for COVID-19. This solution is diluted at 6oz per gallon, so the contact time (wet surface time) needed to combat Coronavirus is 45 seconds. Facilities Management recommends allowing the disinfectant to fully evaporate to maximize contact time. This product can be used safely without gloves, but it is recommended users wash their hands after using the disinfectant. For more information about Ecolab Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner, reference the SDS sheet


Disinfectant Supply Kits

All shared spaces on campus are provided disinfectant supplies to maximize cleaning operations throughout the day. If you need supplies replenished, please contact your building ESA, fill out a work order on Maintenance Connection, or visit the Facilities Management office.

 * Remember, do not throw away your spray bottle. Facilities Management is refilling them to maximize financial resources. 

* Only use cleaning supplies provided by Facilities Management in properly labeled bottles to clean common spaces.


Office Disinfectant Kits

Each department office is provided a 24oz bottle of spray disinfectant, 1 roll of paper towels, 10 disposable masks, 5 pairs of gloves, 1 16oz bottle of hand sanitizer and a printed infoguide. These resources are shared among faculty and staff members within the department. 

Classroom, Zoom Room, and Lab Disinfectant Supplies 

Every classroom, Zoom Room and Lab is provided 1-2 bottles of disinfectant spray and 1-2 rolls of paper towels depending on room occupancy. Rooms with shared equipment such as computers, machinery, and communal art supplies are also provided two 16oz bottles of hand sanitizer.

Computer Lab Disinfectant Supplies 

Computer Labs are provided 2-6 bottles of disinfectant spray and 2-6 rolls of paper towels depending on the number of student computers. Bulk hand sanitizer stations are located at the entrance of all communal computer labs to promote good hand hygiene. Disinfectant wipes are provided for keyboards as supply allows -- if wipes are unavailable, simply spray disinfectant on to a paper towel and wipe keys (ensuring the keyboard surface is damp). 

Research Lab Disinfectant Supplies

Research Labs with sensitive equipment are provided microfiber cloths and disinfectant spray to disinfectant equipment in between users. Most research labs contain sinks, so students are encouraged to wash their hands frequently.

Dance Studios

Dance Studios are provided spray mops to disinfectant dance floors in between classes. Mops are filled with Harlequin Daily Cleaner and Disinfectant. This disinfectant is misted on to the floors through the spray mechanism on the mop and wiped up with the dry mop. Ecolab disinfectant spray is used to disinfect ballet bars. 


Hand Sanitizer Stations

Bulk hand sanitizer stations are located at the primary entrance to every building. To see which entrances are equipped with hand sanitizer stations, reference the campus map. Hand sanitizer stations are also located on each floor of every academic building and in front of WKU's 5 communal computer labs. Hand sanitizer stations are strategically positioned by the stairs and elevators within buildings to ensure students can sanitize their hands in between classes. 

Hand Sanitizer Station

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