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The Eight Dimension of Wellness


Wellness is a holistic approach to living an optimally healthy lifestyle. This is accomplished through balancing multiple dimensions of wellness that affects one's overall quality of life. The 8 dimensions of wellness are environmental, physical, occupational, financial, social, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual.


1. Environmental 

Environmental wellness is choosing a lifestyle of committed effort toward sustaining the Earth’s natural environment.

2. Physical 

Physical wellness means living responsibly and taking care of your body, and recognizing that our daily habits and behaviors have a significant impact on our overall health, wellness and quality of life.

3. Occupational

Occupational wellness is the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure time, addressing workplace stress and building relationships with co-workers.

4. Financial 

Financial wellness is making responsible decisions to live within your means and setting financial goals today that will positively impact your financial future.

5. Social

Social wellness is creating and maintaining positive relationships and enjoying being with others.

6. Psychological 

Psychological wellness is how well one is able to recognize and express his/her emotions.

7. Intellectual

Intellectual wellness encourages the mind to be creative and critically think as well as motivate oneself to master new skills.

8. Spiritual 

Spiritual wellness is expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life based on a core set of values and beliefs.







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