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e-TOKE Online Marijuana Assessment

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Please note that San Diego State University (creators of e-TOKE) changed the name back to eCHECKUP TO GO marijuana. The WKU Health Education & Promotion program will continue to use the name e-TOKE since it is established on WKU's campus.

The electronic THC Online Knowledge Experience (e-TOKE)  is a marijuana-specific brief confidential assessment and feedback tool designed to educate  college students about marijuana use. The assessment takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, is self-guided, and requires no face-to-face contact time with a counselor or administrator.

What does it  do?

When you access the e-TOKE, you are prompted to enter information about yourself. In addition to demographic information, you enter  information about your use of marijuana, spending patterns, and your lifestyle.  After all information has been entered, you submit the form. The information you  entered is validated and then processed. The e-TOKE calculates a number of  variables and compares your responses to national and local college norms. Then,  that information is displayed in an easy-to-read format.

There is also aPersonal Reflections & Verification of Completion (PRVC) programthat is designed to provide you an opportunity to reflect on your personal e-TOKE feedback report. You will be asked to provide personally identifiable information about yourself and thoughtful answers to a few questions about your e-TOKE feedback report. This component is to offer additional verification and add to your experience of the online self-assessment. This can be taken at the end of your survey under the Resources Section/Tab on your report. Answers from the e-TOKE Self-assessment and the PRVC are not matched. Your e-TOKE information remains confidential and will not be able to be viewed even if you complete the PRVC.

NOTE:If you are required to take e-TOKE or are taking it for WellU credit, please note that you must complete the PRVC and answer the open-ended questions at the end of the assessment summary (click on the green check mark) to receive credit.

WellU® Participants: Please allow 7 business days for your e-CHUG/e-TOKE credit to appear on your WellU account. If you have not received credit for e-CHUG/e-TOKE within 7 business days, send an email to student.wellness@wku.edu stating that you have completed the assessment & PRVC. Please include your confirmation number from e-CHUG/e-TOKE.

For questions about the assessment, please contact Rachel Frankling or Keriann Granato, Graduate Assistants with the WKU Health Education & Promotion Program, at (270)-745-4615.








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