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Prospective Students

Welcome to the Department of Communication! 

Student Resources

We are excited about the possibilities a major in the Department of Communication can bring to your life! All of our major programs take learning out of the classroom and into the world, to prepare you for a good living and a good life. To make the most of your education, look into partner majors, plan internships, study abroad, and join a student organization.

Partner Majors

For someone in Advertising, a partner major in Computer Science, Graphic Design, Communication Studies, Corporate and Organizational Communication, Public Relations or Marketing can build your skills.

If you are in Communication Studies, check out partner majors in Advertising, Public Relations, Political Science, English, Popular Culture Studies, Business, Computer Science, History, Religion, or a foreign language.

People in Corporate and Organizational Communication might double major in Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Nonprofit Administration, Tourism, or Business.

If Popular Culture Studies is your major, you might choose a partner major in Advertising, Public Relations, Film, English, or Art.

If Public Relations is your home major, you might add a major in Advertising, Marketing, English, Communication Studies, Corporate and Organizational CommunicationPsychology, Political Science, or Sociology.


All of our major programs, except Popular Culture, offer internships as recommended or required courses. Internships build specific skill sets on the foundation of solid in-class learning. Here is where some of our students have interned. On campus, Imagewest, our student-run advertising agency, offers internships.

Study Abroad

As you think about the bigger world out there, consider going to Study Abroad for a few weeks or a semester. This year, Professor Mark Simpson and Ms. Kara Glenn are taking students to London in the winter term and to Ireland in the summer term to learn about international advertising and to develop advertising campaigns for organizations in London and Ireland. In addition, look for more Communication Study Abroad opportunities through KIIS and CCSA.

                        Rita Meredith with students in Argentina          Imagewest interns in London, England
                                     COMM 263 students in Argentina                                     Imagewest interns in London, England

Student Organizations

Outside of class, we create the feeling of family through organizations where our students work and hang out together. Each organization has its own culture and ‘feel.’ You will find a place to belong here.

Communication Ambassadors welcome incoming students and represent the department at public events.

The International Association of Business Communicators, IABC, connects students with business professionals and the newest ideas in the field of Public Relations and Corporate and Organizational Communication.

The department’s undergraduate honors association, Lambda Pi Eta, offers chances to learn more about graduate study, to attend conferences, and to build professional relationships.   LPH header image

Imagewest is the department’s student-run advertising agency where students work with real clients under the supervision of Kara Williams Glenn, a seasoned Advertising professional.

Join ADFED, WKU’s chapter of the American Advertising Federation, and connect with professionals. Prof. Mark Simpson mentors that organization.

Adfed logo

The Public Relations Student Society of America, PRSSA, connects students with PR practitioners and builds understanding of the newest trends in that field.

PRSSA logo



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