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Colonnade Program Course Requirements

Colonnade Program Course Requirements

List of approved Colonnade Courses

Students are required to take a total of 39 credit hours in each of the three areas of the Colonnade Program. The areas are Foundations, which provide intellectual and practical skills; Explorations, which dig deeper into human cultures and the physical and natural world; and Connections, which increase understanding of individual and social responsibility.

Some programs require specific general education requirements. Always meet with your advisor!


Foundations (18 credit hours required)

Subject Area WKU Code KY State Code Credit Hours
College Composition F-W1 WC 3
Writing in the Discipline F-W2 WC 3
Human Communication F-OC OC 3
Quantitative Reasoning F-QR QR 3
Literary Studies F-AH AH 3
World History F-SB SB 3

Note: An English ACT score > 29 or SAT score > 650 will receive credit for English 100 (College Composition).

Note: A Math ACT score > 26 or SAT score > 590 will receive credit for Math 109 or Math 116.


Explorations (12 credit hours required)

Subject Area WKU Code KY State Code Credit Hours
Arts & Humanities E-AH AH 3
Social & Behavioral Sciences E-SB SB 3
Natural & Physical Sciences E-NS NS 3
Natural & Physical Sciences E-NS + E-SL NS + SL 3

Note: Natural & Physical Sciences requires courses from two different disciplines. One of the courses should also include a Science Lab (SL).


Connections (9 credit hours required)

Subject Area WKU Code KY State Code Credit Hours
Systems K-SY N/A 3
Local to Global K-LG N/A 3
Social & Cultural K-SC N/A 3

Note: Complete 21 credit hours of Foundations & Explorations courses, or have junior status before enrolling in Connections courses. Three courses from different disciplines at the 200+ level are required to fulfill the Connections category.

Note: Language Proficiency of novice-high before completing 60 credit hours is required (or completion of 2nd level of a language). Learn more about the Language Requirements and Credit by Exam opportunities.


Colonnade Layers


WKU Code Designations:

F-W1 = Foundations Writing 1
F-W2 Foundations Writing 2
F-OC = Foundations-Oral Communication
F-QR = Foundations-Quantitative Reasoning
F-AH = Foundations-Arts & Humanities
F-SB = Foundations-Social & Behavioral
E-AH = Explorations-Arts & Humanities
E-SB = Explorations-Social & Behavioral
E-NS = Explorations-Natural Sciences
E-SL = Explorations-Science Lab
K-SY = Connections-Systems
K-LG = Connections-Local to Global
K-SC = Connections-Social & Cultural


KY State Code Designations:

AH = Arts & Humanities
NS = Natural Sciences
OC = Oral Communication
QR = Quantitative Reasoning
SB = Social & Behavioral Sciences
SL = Science Lab
WC = Written Communication


Learn more about language requirements and credit by exam opportunities.

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