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MEC Curriculum

WKU Courses Taken in Residence at Fort Knox 

703-19 COHORT 
July 22 – August 16, 2019

LEAD 300: Leadership Theory & Application

This course provides an overview of personal and organizational leadership.  Emphasis focuses on gaining a deeper perspective of personal leadership strengths and areas for improvement, various approaches/theories/models of leadership and aspects that can impact organizations.

ID 460: College Teaching and Learning

Introductory college teaching course designed for non-certified educators in the Instructional Strategies Certificate program. The course will focus on college teaching and the needed skills and information to conduct undergraduate college-level courses.

ID 465: Instructional Strategies and Technology Integration

Designed to develop a working knowledge of instructional planning, implementation of instruction, assessment, and technology integration in teaching adults. 

WKU Practicum Courses Taught through Blackboard
August 26  - December 6, 2019

LEAD 400: Practicum in Leadership

A course to assess student's summative knowledge of leadership and provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate how to integrate that knowledge.

ID 470: Teaching Practicum

The Teaching Practicum for the Master Educator Courses applies principles learned during the Master Educator Courses (MEC) taught at Fort Knox to the college setting.  This course is designed to implement knowledge and skills learned in the areas of utilizing research-based instructional strategies and methods for effective college teaching and learning. Assignments are designed to assess ways Cadre members are utilizing the knowledge gained from the MEC at Fort Knox to positively impact their current work in higher education. Assignments provide some flexibility to address individual goals.

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