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Annotate on your screen

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra allows for the annotation on the whiteboard.

The Whiteboard tools, which appear in the upper left corner of the Content Area, include the following:

  • Select: Use this arrow to select a Whiteboard object in order to move or resize it.
  • Pointer: Use the pointer to draw attention to a specific area of the screen.
  • Pencil: Use the Pencil to draw using a freehand style.
  • Shapes: Use Shapes to add empty Rectangle, Ellipse, or Straight Line shapes. When using the rectangle or ellipse shapes, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and drag your mouse to draw a square or circle.
  • Text: Create text as an object directly on the Whiteboard.
  • Clear: This will clear all annotations and text from the Whiteboard but will not clear uploaded files.
  • Colors: The Colors button appears when the Pencil, Shapes, or Text tool is selected, allowing the user to choose a color.

When the big "T" or text button is selected, you will then be able to type within the whiteboard. You will then be able to choose a color and font of the text.

1. To type within the whiteboard, select the Text tool. Choose the color of the font. Click within the whiteboard, and begin typing. Note: You cannot use the Enter key to create a new line. You will have to point and click the area beneath the previous text box to type below.

This picture is showing you that the circle that is colored in with a color is where you can change the color of the text.

2. To move the textboxes, click the Select tool, click and drag the text you wish to move.

To drag the text box to a different area. You will have to click the select tool, which is indicated by an arrow. Once selected, you will be able to drag the box to a different area.

3. To draw, select the Pencil tool. Choose the pencil color. Begin drawing within the whiteboard.

This picture shows a smiley face. This smiley face is created by clicking the pencil icon and drawing it.

4. To create a shape, select the Shapes tool. Choose the color of your shape. Begin drawing within the whiteboard.

There is also a shapes tool. In this picture, you can see a red cube that has been created.

5. To point to certain words, phrases, numbers, and so on, select the Pointer tool. Scroll the pointer over the area you are discussing.

When you want to point at certain words, phrases, numbers, etc. use the pointer to scroll over the area you are discussing.

6. To erase anything within the whiteboard, select the Clear tool. Note: When you select Clear, everything is erased.

The eraser is another icon on the bar. When this is selected, everything is cleared.


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 Last Modified 11/12/19