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Using Polling

(Note: Tutorial provided by Blackboard)

The Polling feature allows you to poll participants at any time using one of five different types of polls obtain quick responses to verbal or written questions. The poll type can be changed as many times as needed during a session.

Make sure to watch this Polling in Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience video to help you in understanding polling in Collaborate Ultra.

Creating a Poll

You can use a poll that gives participants yes or no as their response choices or select to give participants two, three, four, or five responses to choose from. To create a poll:

  1. Open the Collaborate panel.

  2. Select Share content.

  3. Select Polling.

  4. Select the type of poll you want to use. Selecting one of the numbered choice polls, displays the numbers as the choices. Be sure to tell participants what each number represents. Share an image, slide deck, or the whiteboard to show your poll question and the numbered choices with related responses.

    The Polling Response dialog overlays the content area so be sure participants know how to toggle the dialog open and closed using the View Poll icon that displays in the Interaction bar.

  5. Select Start.

Go to the share content tab to start a poll. When polling is selected, you will then need to decide what kind of poll you are going to create.


Monitoring Your Poll

Immediately after starting your poll, you can see an overview of poll responses. This overview gives you a response count for each choice. It even tells you how many participants haven't responded yet. Moderators can see how each participant responded, or even who hasn't responded, by viewing the Participants panel.

Moderators can also respond to the poll. For this reason, you are also counted in the No Response count as well.

As you can see, the polling overview can overlap the content being shared and for this reason, the polling overview does not stay open. The window can be toggled open and closed by selecting the Polling icon that displays during active polls for all session attendees.”

Once the poll starts, you will immediately get to see results of the responses.

Publishing the Results

To publish the polling results for participants to view, select the Polling icon in the interaction board to open the poll overview. Select Show Responses to display the responses to all participants. Participants see the overview count of the responses only. Note that by showing responses, you effectively freeze the results and uses are no longer permitted to respond. Select Hide Responses to hide the results from participants and unfreeze the current poll, allowing users to input their selection.

When responses are visible, use the Clear link to wipe out existing responses. Note that this does NOT reset the poll and users are not permitted to submit responses again. In order to run another poll, the Moderator must stop the existing poll and start a new poll.

You can either hide responses or show them. Here we are hiding the responses.You can either hide responses or show them. Here we are showing the responses.

Stopping a Poll

Moderators can stop a poll in one of two ways. They can select the Polling icon in the interaction bar to open the poll overview and click the Stop button to stop the poll. Moderators can also use the Stop button that displays next to Polling in the Stare Content pane of the Collaborate Panel.


You can stop the poll as you are looking at the results. The stop button is in the top right corner.   You can also stop it in the share content tab. A stop button will be beside the polling option.



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 Last Modified 11/12/19